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I bit my tongue - what can I do?

Sometimes it happens that during eating we bite the tongue. This causes a lot of inconvenience. But it is especially unpleasant if the child bites his tongue. To the kid it is sick, it is insulting and absolutely uncomfortable to eat. Regardless of who caused this trouble, it should not be left without attention, because you can get extremely negative complications.

Why do we bite the tongue?

It is impossible to determine precisely why this happens. However, there are several factors that are the sources of this unpleasant incident. Initially, ask yourself the question: "Why do I bite my tongue?"

The reasons for this phenomenon can be as follows:

  • Talk sometimes food;
  • Haste, as a result, there is an uncontrolled and quick chewing of food;
  • Concentrating on a particular problem, and taking food takes a back seat;
  • The wrong structure of the teeth (their roughness can become a source of biting the tongue);
  • Uneven bite or poorly installed prosthesis.

Most often these are the reasons underlying the traumatism of the language. It is not impossible to exclude the combination of several factors.

Causes of childhood injuries

If an adult bites his tongue, he experiences extremely unpleasant sensations. For a child, this situation is equal to trouble. Children immediately begin to respond to the incident, there are tears and discontent. In addition, the baby can be very frightened when he sees blood bleed from the oral cavity.

If the child bit his tongue, what to do in this situation? The most important thing is not to panic. It is required to resort to a number of measures, which will be discussed further, since complications can arise.

Initially, consider the main causes of injuries:

  • a fall;
  • A blow to the face;
  • Carelessness while playing;
  • Excessive inattention during meals.

First aid

Now consider if a person has bitten the tongue, what to do first. After the injury, there is a bleeding wound. It requires increased attention. It starts with neutralizing the pain from the bite and stopping the bleeding.

An adult can resort to the next event. In order to immediately stop bleeding, you need to rinse your mouth several times with cold water. Low temperature contributes to narrowing of blood vessels. This stops bleeding.

If the child refuses to rinse his mouth with water or is too small for such a procedure, you can use a clean handkerchief. It is necessary to impose it on the wound. The tissue will block the access of saliva to the injured surface. As a result, the bleeding will stop sooner.

Soothing means

You can do a little differently if the baby is very bitten by the tongue. What to do when the crumbs as a result of severe pain began hysterics?

In order to calm the child, you need to moisten the cotton swab in the solution of "Lidocaine". Also, drops with an antiseptic will help to relieve pain.

However, you need to monitor the amount of the agent applied. Do not wet the cotton so profusely, otherwise the reaction may follow even more unexpectedly. Also, you need to check that the child does not close his mouth for a while and does not swallow saliva.

You can use a sedative. Children are not allowed to give all medicines.

Therefore, it is better to resort to a sedative based on herbs. Melissa, chamomile and motherwort are perfect for these purposes. Herbs contribute not only to the removal of pain and bleeding, but also to the rapid healing of the affected area.

How to accelerate the healing of a wound after biting?

After the pain has passed and the bleeding is stopped, it is also necessary to implement a number of measures that will contribute to a rapid recovery. In other words, consider if a person has bitten the tongue, than to treat such a condition.

In such situations, the following activities will help to cope with discomfort:

  1. Instant tooth cleaning. It must be done immediately after the injury. Then you need to thoroughly rinse your mouth. This procedure helps to avoid infection of the wound.
  2. Clean and rinse your mouth systematically. This event should be repeated after each meal.
  3. After brushing your teeth, you can rinse your mouth with chamomile broth, also perfect for St. John's wort. They will contribute to the rapid healing of the wound.

In addition to the above-described measures, one should not forget about medicinal preparations. So, if I bit my tongue, than to treat such a wound?

Excellent for these purposes will suit antiseptics:

  • "Antiangin".
  • Furacillin.
  • "The Trisisan."

They will prevent the suppuration of the wound. Today you can find a large number of antiseptics in different forms. Pharmacologists produce sprays, lollipops, solutions. A rich choice makes it possible to find the best option for yourself. Use it immediately after eating or after cleaning and rinsing your mouth.

To treat a wound to a child, you can use antiseptic analgesic gels:

  • Dentinox.
  • "Calgel".
  • "The Kamistad."


You should know if you accidentally bit your tongue, what to do. It is important not only to provide assistance to the sufferer in a timely manner. Care should be taken to rehabilitate the period.

For the time from the victim's menu, it is absolutely necessary to exclude hot food, especially if the lip or tongue is injured. The reception of such food will not only prevent healing, but it will become a real test for the sufferer.

We must give up cold food. Cooling drinks and juice affect the damaged mucous in the same way as hot food.

It is necessary to include vitamins in your daily diet. They will contribute to the rapid healing and enrichment of the body with useful enzymes. Vitamins of groups C and B will produce a positive effect and provide a quick disposal of the wound. They can be purchased in the form of ascorbic acid or in the vitamin complex.

However, there is another way to enrich your body with vitamins - a healthy diet. To do this, you need to include in your diet all varieties of fresh vegetables, citrus, meat products and greens. They will properly help enrich the body. You do not have to resort to using a different kind of vitamins.

Address to the doctor

It is necessary to resort to professional medical care if:

  • The wound did not last for 5 days;
  • A few days after the man bit his tongue, it is noted that the dimensions of the damage began to increase;
  • After an occlusion in the oral cavity formation of a hematoma is observed;
  • The tongue is seriously damaged;
  • The size of the wound is more than 5 mm.

If one of these symptoms is detected, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

What actions should be avoided after a mucous injury?

Be sure to remember how to act if you have bitten your tongue. In addition, it should be understood which measures should not be taken.

Doctors advise:

  • Do not use the usual iodine, zelenku, peroxide;
  • Do not rinse your mouth with hot water;
  • Do not try to press on the wound for checking for pus or pain reaction;
  • Do not touch the wound with dirty hands;
  • Do not resort to antibiotics.

To bite the tongue: a sign

Since ancient times a lot of popular beliefs have come to us, connected with such an unpleasant and painful phenomenon. What does the phrase "bite the tongue" mean? This is treated fairly simply.

What a man bites his tongue:

  1. If you accidentally bite yourself, then someone at the same time is responding badly to you. Negative statements in your address are sent by well-known people. It may well be your friends, colleagues or acquaintances. The bite of the tongue indicates that the words are extremely negative.
  2. Very often this phenomenon serves as a signal for a person to stop talking on any of the topics. Check yourself, so as not to say unnecessary information, and not regret later.
  3. The biting of the tongue is a signal that soon you will tell someone information that should not be spoken out loud. With extreme caution, treat people you do not trust.
  4. Perhaps, in the words you said there is no truth. Biting acts as a warning that you should not continue lying. Also, if you are going to tell a lie, think about whether to do it.
  5. The possibility of entering into conflict. Be discreet and control your emotions.

Belief in signs is an individual matter, but it is worth listening to them, in order to shield yourself from an unpleasant situation.

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