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New Year's tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior: reviews, photos

Before Christmas, both children and adults are waiting for miracles. A Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be able to provide excellent mood and magic for all New Year's holidays. A photo of this amazing event and its peculiarities can be found in the text.

Convenient location

Usually, festive concerts of this type take place from the 20th of December to the middle of January. Tickets for this musical can be ordered via the Internet or by phone. The price fluctuates within 1600 rubles.

The concert hall, in which the show is shown, is part of the complex of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The interior walls of the structure are decorated with amazing frescoes that tell religious stories. The location of the object is very convenient. It is located in the central part of the capital. Quite near the Kremlin embankment. Address of the complex: st. Volkhonka, the house 15.

The concert hall is not far from the metro. The Kropotkinskaya station is only three minutes walk away. Pointers will tell you how to get to your destination. Visitors say that it is almost impossible to get lost. The foyer is allowed an hour before the show starts. You need to come early to take the best places near the stage. The ticket should be bought for everyone, regardless of age. Therefore, moms and dads will not be able to enter the hall for the passage of their child.

A lot of different events take place within these walls. Especially memorable is the Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The layout of the hall shows that the room allows comfortable and free accommodation of 1200 people.

High service

A separate point guests celebrate an excellent organization. Everything happens very clearly, without problems. Tickets at the entrance are scanned quickly, so there are no long lines. For children who come to the musical without parents, watch professional animators. Despite the weather, the hall and foyer are always clean. Cleaners perform their tasks perfectly. The wardrobe is working fine. Services of photographers can be paid. But none of the visitors are forced to give money against their will. Although sometimes, say the guests, people with cameras are too intrusive.

Of course, the main heroine of the holiday is the decorated Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Reviews about the tree are very good. On the branches hundreds of lights shine, garlands and bows hang. You can take a picture with the tree yourself. Some guests say that a lush green beauty always has a lot of public. Therefore, the picture may accidentally turn out to be strangers.

Many visitors who often attend such events, the preliminary training did not surprise. At the entrance guests are met by disguised artists. In the lobby is nice music. Children can be photographed at the Christmas tree and dance with mummers. The halls decorate festively. Immediately from the threshold you can feel the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

First impression

In the corridors, various goods are sold. You can have a snack in the buffet. But customers note that every year the prices for food are unjustifiably growing. But most often children are drawn to various trifles: lasers, masks, flashlights. You can buy icons and religious items. On the shelves are books with biblical themes. The stories there are very simple and interesting. They make the child think about the Lord.

The actual customer and the organizer of the Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the Orthodox Church. This event is held with the blessing of the Patriarch himself. Therefore, its main goal is to bring modern youth to faith.

Before the performance, the kids are entertained by buffoons. I do not have to miss the show before the show. Children play in funny folk games. On the stage, the main characters of the holiday - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - say a greeting word . Actors perfectly perform the tasks. There are no doubts that these fairy-tale characters are real. Successful suits, a good make-up, delivered voices, a meaningful text that bounces off the teeth, a good diction is the key to success.

Hall features

Some customers leave their things not in the wardrobe, but on chairs, thus reserving seats. But visitors complain that they often have to look into the hall and make sure that everything is in order. If you come late, then there is a high probability that it will not be possible to sit next to each other. But on weekdays, especially in the morning, people are very few. Therefore, you can not worry about what place you will get.

Children's Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior has one weighty minus. On the tickets do not indicate the number and place. This system does not like a significant part of people, especially given the mentality of our compatriots. Everyone chooses their own seats. Even if the hall is empty, the rows can be covered with jackets, bags. Despite this, the places can be occupied by other visitors. Therefore, viewers recommend to come early and sit on their chair.

To many parents, the system of free seating at first frightened. But the room in which the performance is shown is very good. Even from the side, you can see everything that happens on the stage.

Tips from the public

Almost all guests consider the hall of the church cathedrals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to be very convenient . Christmas trees and New Year's performances will be enjoyed only if the selected places are successful. However, as already known, every spectator finds himself a seat. In this principle of placing many customers find advantages.

All tickets are the same, and the place can choose the best. Those who have repeatedly visited such events share information: it is better to sit on the balcony, starting from the third row, it is not necessary to be placed behind the stage in front. It's very good to watch the performance from the center.

In the stalls it will be convenient for adults, but children will not be able to see the performance because of the high backs of chairs and spectators in front. Even if you put your child on your lap, half the scene will not be visible. If the center was unable to occupy the seats, then go to the side balconies. There, choose the back rows. So you can easily enjoy the full picture.

Despite certain advantages, many visitors hope that next season tickets will be numbered. After all, the significant minus that the Christmas tree of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior now will disappear. Reviews about the placement of people will immediately become better.

Speech details

Pay tribute to the audience and the work of artists. Actors freely and confidently behave on the stage. Voices are perfectly set. Guests complain that the music is very loud, but the sound is very high quality. In the songs, every word is clearly heard.

The hypocrites danced very much. It should be noted that choreographic numbers are performed not only by animate creatures, but also by trees, snowflakes, flowers, objects. Parents are sure that it develops a child's imagination. The ballet can not be called simple. Each production is a unique number. The movements of the dancers are elegant, learned to the smallest detail. Therefore it seems that you come from the auditorium to an amazing fairy-tale world.

The Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior would not be such a bright event, if not for the additional elements. All actions on the stage are reinforced with successful special effects. The trees come alive, the colors change, and in the intense moments the corresponding music sounds. Often use 3D scenery. In some productions, drawing on sand is added. Video projections are often attracted.

Unidentified age limits

The posters indicate that children can view performances from 0 years old. However, many adults think that this is an unsuccessful choice of the age category. The fact that the guys before 3-4 years are not quite clearly aware of where they are and how to behave. Many carapaces get bored after 15 minutes, and they begin to be capricious, screaming and crying. Such troubled neighbors do not allow to fully enjoy the activities on the stage and, accordingly, spoil the impression of the show.

Spectators complain that those children who do not fall asleep in the hands of their parents begin to run between the rows. Therefore, the children are chasing irritated parents. Adults note that the New Year tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is not suitable for families with young children. Therefore, many boys and girls leave the hall in the first half of the play.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the action is good music. The show always performs a lot of songs. Some of them sing along the way home. But the public is very sorry that all melodies and even some dialogues play a phonogram.

Serious Topics

Another reason not to drive children to such representations is the information load. Many parents like that older children ask questions after the show is over. They are interested in religion and some historical details. Kids raise serious topics to which you need to find the right answers. But to children under 5, the musical does not bring pleasure.

Writers in various productions often use historical facts, the details of which are not even familiar to every adult. For example, the plot of the show "The Light of a Magic Star" (the production of the last year) tells of two friends who were affected by uneasy and surprising incidents.

It is worth noting that the main thing behind what people go on the show is positive emotions. Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will bring a lot of joy to both children and adults. This presentation tells how the boy Vasya and his new girlfriend Anya fall into different time epochs. They get acquainted with the history of the birth of Jesus and help the Kiev Prince Vladimir baptize Russia. Therefore, children should at least have a little guidance in these events. If the guys completely do not understand the biblical myths, then it is better to refuse the ticket.

To make the evening a success, you need to know in advance what the musical will be about. But if the parents tell the child in advance the details of the plot on which the play will be based, then the Christmas tree at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be 100% complete. Feedback from schoolchildren is always positive. Usually they know that Vladimir is the Baptizer of Russia, and the Birth of Jesus was the beginning of a new era.

Feast of light and goodness

The stories are always interesting. The main theme is the struggle between good and evil. Of course, heroes defeat bad creatures, and the audience in the hall rejoice with the characters.

But it should be noted that such an event is meant to glorify not the New Year, but Christmas. The setting teaches tolerance, charity. Adults say that many scenes touch. Some even cried. Another big plus, according to viewers, earn incredible stories. In almost every setting, the main characters are completely new. The stories reflect the adventures of ordinary children, in the images of which guests can recognize themselves and their acquaintances.

Of course, the children's New Year tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior can not do without heavenly creatures. On the stage often appear angels. God's helpers are dressed in beautiful, white overalls. Above the heads rise nimbuses. At such moments, the hall is filled with a magic melody. Singing angels is very gentle and touching. Many viewers, as they confess, goosebumps over the skin. In children and adults, the event causes only positive, bright emotions. After watching the performance, I want to do something good and selfless.

A Step to Faith

However, there is also a negative criticism towards the writers. Individual viewers did not like the New Year tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Reviews about the plot are extremely bad. Dissatisfied spectators say that the performance is very boring. The plot line develops slowly. Some uninteresting scenes are too tight. Suits are cheap and not bright. Many details are not clear. Dialogues are often trivial. Instead of scenery use the screen. Therefore, the scene seems empty, not festive. Religious moments are sometimes out of place and simple-minded. And the songs consist of a set of rhymed phrases.

On such comments supporters of the play answer that for high dramatic art with a philosophical content you need to go to the theater.

About 50-60 minutes the Christmas tree lasts in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Reviews of viewers on this occasion are ambiguous. The show is shown without intermission, so even the most attentive viewers get tired and sometimes start to get bored.

After the concert the children are given presents. Many parents say that you can not give up a sweet surprise. Its price is included in the ticket. Usually children are given a choice of two boxes: a Christmas tree or a temple. Candies are different. Chocolate dainties and caramels almost equally. All those who attended the show were satisfied. Nobody left the Christmas tree in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior indifferent. Feedback from parents and children is positive. The guests of the production declare that after seeing everyone felt the spirit of Christmas. Many visitors decide to spend the rest of the evening in the church.

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