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How and how to feed the puppies, weaned from the mother?

Most often puppies are purchased at a month old. This is a huge stress for the baby: not only does he get into an unfamiliar house, so the usual menu also changes, because before that he received only mother's milk. From proper nutrition depends not only the physical, but also the psychological health of your pet. Therefore, it is very important for the owners to know how to feed the puppies weaned from their mother.

Getting used to

First of all, in order to soften the stress of moving a little, ask the breeder (or the former owner) for some thing with the smell of the puppy's mom. And the food should not differ markedly from what it received earlier. If the puppy consumed only milk, it would be necessary to feed it from the nipple first, and then give it a little while to liquid gruel, until the baby is accustomed to chewing and swallowing solid food.

How to feed the puppies from the nipple? Usually babies are fed cow's milk, infant formula or liquid porridge. But most often by the age of one month puppies are already familiar with meat. Therefore, when the puppy gets used to the absence of a mother, you can transfer it to normal food.

What to feed the monthly puppies?

It is best at this age in dogs to digest milk and meat products. You can give liquid and semi-liquid porridge - oatmeal, oatmeal or rice, - minced meat, cottage cheese, sour-milk products. It is useful to add to the meal grinded eggshell, activated charcoal, bone meal and even sea kale. Once a week, it is recommended to give fish and egg yolk.

Dry food or natural food?

How to feed puppies that have grown a little? For normal growth and development, your pet should receive all the necessary nutrients. You can transfer the baby to a quality dry food designed for puppies. It is balanced by the content of vitamins and minerals, and if you pick the right product, then no feeding is necessary for the puppy. Make sure that the baby always has enough clean water.

If you decide to feed the puppy with natural food, then try to provide the pet with everything you need. Two-thirds of your pet's diet should be meat products, one-third - porridge, and the rest - vegetables and dairy. On a mandatory basis the puppy should receive cottage cheese and dairy products (several times a week). Kashi cook better on meat broth, gradually giving up milk. Be sure to give small cut meat and raw vegetables every day.


Many owners are worried about the question of how much to feed the puppy? This is really important, because if the baby does not eat, it will develop badly, the coat will become dull and sparse, and the puppy will quickly tire. If the food is more than enough, the puppy will become fat, besides there will be disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Most experts recommend that the puppy be fed for up to two months every three hours, that is, 5-6 times a day. From four to five months it can be transferred for four meals a day, and at seven months - for three meals a day. By the year most dogs eat twice a day. The serving volume is individual and depends on the breed, the activity of the dog and the way of life. The puppy must eat everything, but at the same time stay a little more hungry (just like a person). Carefully monitor the health of your pet - and you will know if you feed it properly.

Before you start a pet, think carefully about whether you can provide the pet with everything you need. Little to know how to feed puppies: in addition to eating a small friend needs caress, care and attention. This is not a toy that can be discarded as soon as it is boring. Remember: we are responsible for those who have tamed!

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