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How to treat rotavirus infection in children and adults

Rotavirus gastroenteritis is a viral disease that occurs in an acute form. Most often he is exposed to children. The peak incidence falls on the period from January to March. This is due to the fact that the virus feels particularly well at low temperatures. Sometimes on cold summer days, too, can overtake this ailment. Before you understand how to treat rotavirus infection, you should find out what symptoms it has.

Symptomatic of the disease

The causative agent of the disease multiplies mainly in the digestive tract. Usually this disease is accompanied by high fever, vomiting. The latter can be practically without stopping and even hampering
breath. In the event that the attack of these viruses was inflicted by the baby, then there may be profuse regurgitation. Older children start talking about abdominal pain. Symptoms of general intoxication are manifested in lethargy, weakness, lack of appetite. Due to damage to the intestinal mucosa, the stool becomes plentiful and watery. Before deciding how to treat rotavirus infection, it should be remembered that it develops in the walls of the intestine, where the cells have villi that help digestion. The virus exfoliates villi from the cells, which leads to polyfermental insufficiency. Accordingly, the process of digesting milk sugar is disrupted because of the reduction in the number of units of lactase. This is why it is more difficult for the infant to tolerate the disease, as the body begins to reject mother's milk.

How to treat rotavirus infection

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment. Therefore, the number one task is to restore the water-salt balance. And also try not to admit joining bacterial infection. Despite the vomiting, you need to give the patient a lot to drink, even if the ailment happened to the baby, who resists. In any case, with the use of improvised drugs (spoons, pipettes, syringes), the child should be poured water.

"Regidron" contains the necessary minerals, vitamins, which are necessary to protect the body from dehydration, which can cause rotavirus infection. Treatment in adults with this drug should be done by diluting one sachet per liter of water. Children need to dilute a quarter of this dose per bottle.

The use of sorbents can alleviate the situation, since they absorb toxins, which can occur with any infection and part of the "boiling liquid" formed in the digestive tract against the background of the disease. In adults, the approach to treatment is a bit broader. This is due to the fact that they are prescribed antiviral drugs, for example, "Viferon", "Cycloferon", "Interferon", which help more quickly cope with the disease that caused rotavirus infection.

Than you can not treat this disease

Do not give the patient enzymes ("Festal", "Creon" and others). They can lead to increased diarrhea caused by a viral infection. Doctors say that under no circumstances should not give potassium permanganate inside, since vomiting and diarrhea stop for several hours. Thanks to diarrhea and vomiting, the body is freed from pathogenic bacteria, viruses, poisonous substances that are formed as a result of the disease. Therefore, "delay" them inside the body leads to the absorption of poisons into the blood and, as a consequence, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply. The intake of drugs consisting of beneficial bacteria (Lineks, Hilak-forte ...), at the first stage of the disease is also a pointless exercise.

Of course, you should not decide how to treat rotavirus infection. If signs of illness are found, it is worthwhile to call an ambulance immediately. Doctors will study the patient's condition and, if necessary, place him in a hospital.

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