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How to remove the ears on the hips? Help gymnastics and massage

A beautiful female figure assumes, first of all, the right proportions. Even a few extra pounds can look aesthetic if they emphasize the smooth, seductive curves of the female body. Unfortunately, the female body is arranged in such a way that the uneven distribution of fatty tissue is a normal physiological process. First of all, the interlayer is formed on the abdomen and thighs. Depending on the type of female figure, the body prefers a single zone. For example, in ladies with "apple" proportions, the thighs often remain slender, but the tummy shows prominently. The figure of the "pear" type, on the contrary, is distinguished by the accumulations in the lower part (thighs, buttocks). With its own nature, it is more difficult to fight, so the "ears" on the hips or small tummy are often present even in slender young ladies. Correct nutrition, exercise, massage and cosmetic preparations will help to get rid of this misfortune.

The notorious "ears" on the hips are the fat deposits on the outer surface of the thighs. To get rid of them, you will need a special set of exercises. It should be noted that in our daily life the muscles of the external and internal surface of the thigh are involved little. This is due to insufficient tone, stagnation of blood and lymph in this area.

Remove the "ears" on the hips will help an uncomplicated complex, which can be performed even lying on the couch in front of the TV. Do exercises for at least a minute for each leg, repeat twice. The main indicator of sufficient load is a slight burning sensation in the muscles.

Lying on its side, lift the upper part of the body, leaning on the arm, bent at the elbow. Bend your knees and take them a little forward. Raise and lower your leg at a rapid pace. The tension should be felt in the outer surface of the thigh.

Without changing the pose, unbend your knees, unfold the toe on the floor and with springing movements raise and lower your leg. Do not make the amplitude too large, it is enough to raise your foot to a height of 20 - 30 cm.

After you finish the exercises, vigorously knock your fists around the problem area and rub your hips in a circular motion.

In order for the fat burning process to pass faster, you can use panties that create the effect of a sauna. You do not need to go to them all the time, put on the "special form" only for the time of classes.

Of course, from the five-minute gymnastics "ears" on the hips will not disappear anywhere. You definitely need to include aerobic training in the program. Walking and running, swimming, skiing, cycling are suitable for you. But especially effectively eliminates the "ears" on the thighs roller skating.

Anti-cellulite drugs, massage and contrasting douches are in themselves ineffective, but if you combine them with diet and exercise, it will go more fun. Include in your arsenal of beauty a tough mitten made of luffa, with which daily rub the problem areas. After this, you can apply anti-cellulite cream or serum. By the way, the application of the drug can be combined with a vacuum massage. To ease the task, do not wipe the skin, so silicone cans will slide easier.

Improvement of blood circulation is facilitated by contrast shower or wiping with ice. If the cold shower is not lying, pick up warming procedures, for example, wraps with hot pepper. Remember, your goal is to improve blood circulation, so you need to carry out all the manipulations before the appearance of light reddening of the skin.

Do not wait for quick results, because in your case you have to fight with your own constitution. But perseverance and methodical work wonders and reward for the work will not only slender, beautiful thighs, but also a tight, athletic figure.

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