How to care for lizunami correctly?

The history of such an unusual toy, as a lick, began in the US in 1976. Since then, it has not lost popularity and is known all over the world. In our country, the craze for lice began in the mid-90's, which was pretty annoying for adults, because of these games with a jelly-like "pet" on the walls often remained stubborn stains.

This toy very quickly spoils - it affects the temperature changes, dryness and humidity, dust and debris. But if you know how to care for lice, you can extend their lives for a very long time.

What should be done for this?

The most important thing in dealing with lizunom is to try to avoid contamination. On the sticky surface of the toy, even the smallest particles of debris can be glued easily. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid contact between the lime and the hairy surfaces. Also, do not let it get into dusty dirty places.

It is best to store such a toy in a separate container with a tightly fitting lid. But if it already happened that the dirt got on the gel surface, how to care for the lickers in this case? Try to remove from the ball all the large particles with your fingers, tweezers or needles. The smallest trash can be tried with alcohol.

As already mentioned above, this toy is afraid of excessive humidity or dry air. In the first case, it can swell and get a more liquid consistency. And with a lack of moisture, it can become stiff and lose its qualities - stickiness and the ability to spread and gather together. How to care for the limes to keep the shape and density? With an excess of moisture, you can put in a container with a toy a little ordinary table salt. Then it should be shaken. Salt absorbs excess moisture, and the lime will after a while become more elastic and restore its shape. If it happened so, that the toy dried up and became rigid, what should be done for its prompt resuscitation? Add a couple of drops of water to the container - the lick will absorb it.

No less important for this elastic toy is the temperature regime. She is afraid of heat and direct sunlight. Therefore, one should not keep it outside the container day, especially on the street. How to care for lice in hot weather, because the material from which they are made, under the influence of temperature can simply spread? It is enough to store the toy in the refrigerator. But only not in the freezer - from the cold it will shrink and lose elasticity, will become stiff.

How to do?

Unfortunately, now you can not buy such a wonderful toy everywhere. But there is a way out: find out how to make a home lizune. The simplest recipe for its manufacture contains PVA glue, water, dye and borax solution. To make a lick, we take a container in which we will mix the ingredients. First, pour glue into it and add the dye dissolved in a glass of water. Thoroughly mix until the desired color is obtained. Then gradually pour in a few bottles of borax solution until the mixture acquires the necessary density and elasticity. Now it can be put in a bag and a little crumpled. A ready toy should be laid out on a piece of paper and let it lie down a bit.

How to make lizuna without PVA?

For this you can, for example, use gelatin and clay. From gelatin it is necessary to make jelly according to the usual instructions on the pack, and then add to it the clay, dissolved in water on slow fire. The mixture must be mixed and then let stand. Such a lizun will be short-lived, but it's very easy to make it.

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