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What is a townhouse?

The word "townhouse" today is heard by most people. Some consider it fashionable and incomprehensible, while others have long been familiar with this term, quite new for the domestic real estate market. After reading this article, you will learn about what a townhouse is, how convenient and accessible it is, and also get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages.

In our country, this kind of housing appeared literally ten years ago, although in England it began to be built almost two centuries ago. If you've seen a movie about Harry Potter, then you should have a general idea of what a townhouse is. The street on which the Harry family lived consisted entirely of such houses-typical British townhouses.

So, the townhouse is a cottage consisting of two or three floors and having its own entrance, but, at the same time, interlocked with buildings of the same kind on both sides. Its variety are two buildings that stand side by side, or a "twin" house called "duplex" on two neighbors. This type of property is perfectly complemented by a small piece of land that is adjacent to each building and definitely exceeds the size of the staircase of the apartment building. That is, to see the neighbors the owner of the house, of course, will, but this closeness will not be so close.

Historical reference

On the question of what a townhouse is, more than accurately and specifically corresponds to the translation of this word from English - "city house". And this term arose in England a couple of centuries ago. At that time (as today) land in the cities of foggy Albion was quite expensive, so the house for several families in a short time began to enjoy special demand. Another version convinces that the townhouse appeared because of the additions of the houses of the grown up children to their parents. This idea was to the liking of many, which resulted in the emergence of entire streets of semi-detached houses.

Real estate townhouse in our country

The popularity of this type of housing in most European countries is beyond doubt (due to the local shortage of land and its high cost). However, in our country the situation is completely different. Despite the fact that the townhouses are relatively inexpensive, and in operation are economical enough, they acquire popularity among the inhabitants of our country slowly. The main reason for this can be called the incomprehensible format of housing.

What is a townhouse: an apartment or a cottage? Under this definition , neither the first nor the second option is suitable. His own house is not called a townhouse, but it's not an apartment in the usual sense. It can be called a suburban apartment, and a city house at the same time. And there is no official concept at all. This fact is what scares most people.

But this kind of housing is favorably different from other residential buildings and looks like a foreign visitor: fashionable, neat and tidy. Townhouses are not inherent in either the dull monotony of apartment buildings or the pretentiousness of domestic cottages.

Advantages and disadvantages of townhouses

First about the virtues. First of all, it is worth noting the economy of this type of housing. Townhouses and are, and are serviced inexpensively. Secondly, they are distinguished by a homogeneous social environment. Thirdly, the rooms in the townhouses are more spacious and there is a small plot of land and a garage. And fourthly, such houses are often sold with free planning, that is, from them you can create any design project at your own discretion.

Of the minuses can be identified only one, but it is not so critical: service in the townhouse is more expensive than in a standard apartment. And this is explained by the large dimensions.

In general, the townhouse can be called the golden mean between a city apartment and a country house. A townhouse economy class will be the most optimal solution if there is a desire to live in a cottage, but the money for its purchase or construction is not enough.

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