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Shish kebab from pork: recipes and cooking secrets.

Shish kebab from pork recipes is very different. His homeland is the East. However, to search for a specific country in which this dish was prepared for the first time is simply meaningless. Even in ancient times, people cooked meat at the stake. But now any meat, which was cooked on charcoal, is called a shish kebab. Without it, there is not a single trip to the nature, it is in any restaurant and rightfully belongs to the number of favorite dishes of many people.

Shish kebab from pork recipes has a subordinate to oriental traditions. Therefore, ideally it should be juicy and fragrant. This is not just fried meat, but a whole ritual with its prohibitions and rules. The origin of the word "shish kebab" is linked with the Crimean-Tatar word "shish", all together it means "something on a spit".

Shish kebab from pork, whose recipes are known to many, is considered the most popular. However, with great pleasure people prepare this dish from mutton, chicken, beef, fish. Practically always shish kebab from pork - recipes consisting of chopped meat and marinade. By the way, marinade is nothing more than a mixture of spices, acids, salt, vegetable oil.

There are a huge number of ways to prepare marinade. And its components can be the most diverse. Shish kebab from pork recipes: beer, yoghurt, kvass, lemon juice, mineral water and so on. What people do not add to the marinade to make the meat juicy, melting in the mouth, fragrant and give it a magical, unforgettable taste. At present, many people prefer shish kebab in mayonnaise, the recipe of which is quite simple. It is only necessary to cut meat with small pieces of medium size, onion - rings, then mix it all, add seasoning and mayonnaise. This shish kebab can be marinated in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

Before you learn some recipes for shish kebab, you need to understand how to prepare a marinade properly. Do this in ceramic, glass or plastic containers, as aluminum can ruin the taste. Meat in the marinade must necessarily be placed in the refrigerator. Remember that large pieces marinate longer than small ones. If you still decide to prefer meat to fish or seafood, then they can not be marinated for longer than 45 minutes, and also use the acid, that is, vinegar, wine and natural juice.

So, here is one of the recipes for shish kebab from pork. You need to prepare two kilograms of pork neck, four tablespoons of mayonnaise, two - mustard, black pepper ground, one lemon, five bulbs, hops-suneli, salt and bay leaf. Meat marinated 6 hours before cooking. You need to cut the pork neck into pieces, put them in a container layers. And between each of them it is necessary to pour black pepper, add mayonnaise, bay leaf, onion rings and hops-suneli. All this is poured with lemon juice and left on the table for one hour. Then it should be mixed and put the container in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours. Meat is salted before you are going to light a fire.

Shashlik from chicken is prepared as follows: take half a glass of lemon, honey and lime, one clove of garlic, sweet pepper one piece red, green and yellow, half a kilogram of chicken fillet. Fillet and pepper should be cut into pieces with a thickness of two and a half centimeters. Garlic, lemon and lime juice, honey must be mixed, and then pour one fourth of this mixture into a plastic bag. Now add there the chicken, mix it all and put the package in the refrigerator for half an hour. Remaining marinade you will grease a shish kebab, while it will be grilled on a lattice.

In order to cook a delicious shish kebab, you only need to know some secrets. After all, any meat requires a special approach.

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