Lacework crown made of lace with own hands: we make decoration for adults and children

Moms of little girls perfectly understand how important are beautiful suits and festive outfits for the upbringing of children's taste. In addition, it is always pleasant to pamper the child with interesting handicrafts.

This article is about how to make a crown of lace with your own hands. It is useful to those who are going to make an accessory for a New Year's costume or just a nice little thing for fun. It should be noted that such crowns can not be called exclusively a children's product. Being executed on a larger scale, they are quite suitable for the entertainment of girlfriends on hen-parties and other similar events.

What is a crown made of lace made with your own hands?

In fact, this is a piece of lace ribbon, treated with a special solution and decorated with different decor. Therefore, such crowns are very popular with economical masters, who do not want to overpay money for a single-use item.

Crown made of lace, made by hand, can be of all shapes and sizes, that is, you can apply almost any lace. Of course, narrow openwork tapes will fit only the smallest, because on the head of an adult they will not be practically visible.

Which material is better to choose?

Proceeding from the fact that any crown should have a certain rigidity, for such work it is preferable to choose a wide dense lace with the maximum number of teeth.

Crown of lace with his own hands can be made of material of any color, because the finished product is extremely easy to paint. On hardened lace paint is applied with a brush or sprayed from a can.

Original crowns are painted, painted with metallic shine (gold, silver, bronze). In this case, a really "precious" thing will turn out.

Crown of lace with his own hands: a master class

For work it is necessary to prepare such materials:

  1. Lace or fabric.
  2. Thick cardboard.
  3. Sharp scissors.
  4. Glue PVA, gelatin, sugar or starch.

These are the main devices needed to make the product. In addition, the crown of lace, hand-crafted, can be decorated with any beads, beads, paillettes or strips.

Sequence of work:

  1. Measure the head of the person for whom the crown is made. The product should be 10-15 cm less. Or the crown will be very small, miniature (about 15-17 cm in diameter).
  2. Dissolve starch, gelatin, sugar or mix water with PVA glue in a 1: 1 ratio in a small container.
  3. Cut off the necessary piece of lace and dip into the solution.
  4. Prepare a cardboard blank: cut a wide strip of cardboard (width is not less than 10 cm, the length is equal to the girth of the head plus a centimeter), paste a wide adhesive tape on one side, fold the cardboard by one centimeter and glue with adhesive tape or glue.
  5. Well soak the lace, squeeze and lay around the carton billet. In this case, it should be laid on the side where the tape is applied, so that the lace does not stick to the paper.
  6. The edges of the fabric can be glued or stitched together.

In this position, the crown should be dried well. This will take at least one day. Some craftsmen use the method of emergency drying - in a microwave oven, but here there is a risk of burning the product. The power should be average, and the heating time should not exceed 30 seconds. The product is dried in several approaches.

When the crown dries, it can be removed from the workpiece and covered with several layers of undiluted PVA glue. Each layer is also well dried.

There is an interesting way of attaching the crown to the hoop. Although such a crown made of lace on the rim, made by hand , is more like a diadem. The algorithm of action is almost the same, but for a larger fortress it is necessary to form a wire frame on the hoop. It is fixed with silicone glue or sewed to the fabric surface of the hoop.

That's the whole story about how to make a crown of lace with your own hands.

Than decorating?

To decorate such an object, there are no special rules. Excellent shiny beads and beads, as well as elements of unnecessary jewelry (brooches, earrings). If at the disposal of the skilled worker there are loose glitters, they can sprinkle a crown when it is still wet.

However, trying to get a smart and bright accessory, do not overdo it and sew everything in a row. A corpse crown will not adorn anyone, but rather will be inappropriate.

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