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Gustavo Fring: villain or genius of the series "In All Grave"

The most popular series "In all serious" fell in love with millions of viewers and was appreciated by critics. Five full seasons plot kept in suspense and intriguing. The project was awarded 6 Emmy nominations. One of the main villains of the series is Gustavo Fring - the largest drug dealer. His meeting with the main character radically changed the fate of both.

Short story

Telefilm "In all the heavy" (Season 1) tells the story of the usual teacher of chemistry - Walter White. One day he finds out that he is terminally ill. Then the man decides to engage in the production of synthetic drugs - methamphetamine. His goal is to provide the family with the means that would be enough even after his death.

Gustavo Fring appears in the series in season 2. He is introduced to White for the purchase of a drug. One of the central characters of Gus is in season 3.

Then Walter learns that the disease has receded, and he will live. Now the whole idea of drugs becomes a permanent occupation of the hero. Because of this, he loses his wife.

Gus, through threats, forces Walt and his partner to work for himself. White does not like this, and he decides to hide with his family. However, his plans were not destined to come true. Then the hero decides to eliminate a dangerous enemy and kills Fring at the end of the season.

All that is known about Fringe

Fring emigrated from Chile to Mexico during the Pinochet regime. There were rumors that he was in close proximity to the dictator, but it is not known exactly who Gustavo Fring was in Chile.

Together with a friend of Maximino they opened a chain of restaurants "Brothers of chickens". Under the cover of one of them, chemists who produce amphetamine work.

The only storyline where you can see any emotions of Huss is his close relationship with Max. After the Mexican cartel kills him, Fring concentrates all his attention on revenge on Hector Salamanca.

Gustavo is clever, calculating and cold-blooded. He manipulates people so finely for his own benefit that it is impossible to think that this is done only for selfish reasons. Fring is a strategist, who guesses his enemies' plans in advance. His knowledge of human psychology has often helped to get out of the water.

Even at the moment of his death, Fring does not lose his composure. Behind the icy calm lies the hurricane of passion and the only desire is revenge. That's why Gus - the most dangerous and terrible villain in the series.

Who plays the villain's role

The actor Giancarlo Esposito performed magnificently as Gustavo Fringe. He knows the audience on such TV series as "Miami Police", "Bones", "Deceive me" and many others. Esposito tried his hand at directing, produced some projects.

The role of an anti-hero was to the liking of the actor. He hopes that the audience will remember Gus for a long time, "and he will appear to them in a dream." Giancarlo took a lot of skill to recreate the image of Hus as the director planned it. Dual nature, tranquility and intellect are inherent in the actor himself and in ordinary life. That's why he managed to accurately display the smallest details of Franing's character. For this it was necessary to feel, through what cruelty and pain of loss Gustavo passed.

The death of the hero in the series was inevitable. And the director together with the actor decided to do it at the end of the season. By that time Gustavo already knew something, and his struggle with the cartel sooner or later ended tragically.

Character Gustavo Fring performs in the series the role of the antipode of the main character. It is with the help of Huss that Walter realizes many important things in life.

Interesting details

In the scene of Gustavo's death, the make-up artists had to work hard. Professionals from the "Walking Dead" worked almost a day to create a "mask of death." Their work was appreciated by critics, calling the scene "the top of makeup art".

Initially, anti-heroes of the 3rd and 4th seasons were thought not of Gustavo, but of Hector Salamanco, who appeared in the series "In All Grave" in Season 1.

The series was recognized not only by the audience, but also hit the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 as the most popular television movie of that period.

There is information that Gustavo Fring will appear in the 3rd season of the spin-off "Better call Sol". The series tells about the events that occurred a few years before the story with Walter White.

Methamphetamine in the scenes was replaced with candies colored in blue. The real actors - the professor of chemistry and the agent of the anti-drug department - trained the production of actors' substance.

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