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Sci-Fi is a fascinating and popular genre of cinematography. Types of Fantastic Movies

Fantasy is one of the genres of literature, cinema and fine arts. His beginning he takes in the deep past. Even at the dawn of his appearance, a man admitted the presence of mysterious and powerful forces in the world around him. The first fantasy is folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends. At the heart of this genre lies some kind of incredible, supernatural assumption, an element of something unusual or impossible, breaking the boundaries of a person's reality.

The beginning of the development of fiction in the cinema

From literature, the genre moved to the cinema almost immediately after its appearance. The first fantastic films appeared in France in the XIX century. In those years, the best director in this genre was Georges Méliès. His fantastic film "Journey to the Moon" was included in the golden fund of world masterpieces of cinematography and became the first picture telling about space travel. At this time, fantasy is an opportunity to show on the screen the achievements of human progress: amazing mechanisms and machines, vehicles.

Since the beginning of the XX century, fantastic films are beginning to gain increasing popularity, and the spectator interest in them is increasing.

Types of fiction

In the cinema, fantasy is the genre whose boundaries are difficult to identify. Usually this is a mixture of different styles and forms of cinema. The division into types of film fantasy is, but it is largely conditional.

Science fiction is a story about the incredible technical and other discoveries of a person: the ability to travel in time, cross the space expanses, use genetic engineering, create artificial intelligence.

The film "Prometheus" is an interesting picture with a philosophical sense about the person's search for the answer to the main question: who are we and where did we come from? As a result of archaeological excavations, scientists have received evidence that humanity was created by a highly developed humanoid race. A scientific expedition is sent to search for its creators to the edge of the Solar System. Each member of the team has an interest: someone wants to get an answer, why humanity was created, someone is moved by curiosity, and some pursue selfish goals. But the creators are not at all the same as they were represented by people.

Space Fiction

This kind is very closely intertwined with science fiction. A striking example - recently released on the screens and critically acclaimed film "Interstellar" on the possibility of travel through black holes and the resulting spatio-temporal paradoxes. Like Prometheus, this picture is filled with a profound philosophical meaning.

Fantasy is a fantasy that is closely connected with mysticism and a fairy tale. The most striking example of a fantasy film is the famous epic saga of Peter Jackson "The Lord of the Rings". From the most recent interesting works in this genre one can note the trilogy "The Hobbit" and the last work of Sergei Bodrov "The Seventh Son".

Horror - oddly enough, this genre is also closely related to the fantasy. A classic example - a series of films "Alien".

Sci-Fi: movies that have become classics of cinematography

In addition to the already mentioned films, there are still a lot of great pictures that are included in the list of the best works in the genre of fiction:

  • Space Star "Star Wars".
  • A series of films "Terminator".
  • A cycle of fantasy "The Chronicles of Narnia".
  • The trilogy "Iron Man".
  • Series "Highlander".
  • "The Beginning" with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Fantastic comedy "Back to the Future".
  • "Dune".
  • The Matrix trilogy with Keanu Reeves.
  • Post-apocalyptic picture "I am a legend".
  • Fantastic comedy "People in black."
  • "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise.
  • Combat space science fiction "Star Troopers".
  • "The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich.
  • A series of films "Transformers".
  • The cycle "Spiderman".
  • A series of films about Batman.

The development of the genre in our days

Modern fiction - films and animated tapes - continues to be of interest to the viewer today.

Only in 2015, announced several large-scale and spectacular fantastic paintings. The most anticipated films include the final film from the series "Hunger Games", the second part of "Running in the Labyrinth", "Star Wars, Episode 7 - Awakening Force", "Terminator 5", "Earth of the Future", continuation of "Divergent", a new Film from the series "The Avengers" and the long-awaited "World of the Jurassic Period".


Fantasy is a genre of art that gives a person the opportunity to dream. Here you can imagine yourself a superhero saving the world, to allow the possibility of the existence of other worlds and to fly into the depths of space. For this viewers and like fantastic films - dreams come true in them.

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