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The best short films: the list of films

The best shorts of the world cinema for a short period of time on the screen transmit in one passage a whole storm of emotions. Many directors and actors became famous for participating in them and bought a ticket for the highest level. The pictures described in the article touch upon different feelings in the person's soul, and for that they are worth watching.

"The confirmation"

It would seem that it can convey a short narrative, and even in black and white tones? Kurt Quinn proved that there is really a lot if you choose the right approach. The picture "Confirmation" in the form of a fairy tale for adults shows the strength of a simple human smile. For eccentricity and sensual plot, the tape was included in the list of the best shorts in the world.


Want to learn more about love, real feelings, where there is only passion and impulse? Then look at the masterpiece called "Truth". Here the names of the main characters are not important, because their story is simply insane. They parted and again converged, walked, amused and drowned in each other. The girl told the guy about her roles, and he made her confessions in different languages. This is the story of a couple in love, for which another world no longer matters.


The history of the young pianist, who had no recognition, deserves a separate place in the top of the best shorts. Adrian fell through at the Bernstein Competition, and then came up with a plan for his own realization in life. He arranged to tune the piano, but decided to pretend to be blind. The hero took a cane, special lenses, trained for a long time, so that clients would believe him. After that, each person wanted his tool adjusted by a blind tuner.


Sometimes, you work and live a normal life, but suddenly one meeting with a person turns all consciousness. It happened with the heroine of the narrative "Gift", the role of which was played by the actress Uma Thurman. She worked in the store as a gift packer. Once, Mr. Grimm came to her - an illusionist who managed to open a woman to the other side of reality. After this acquaintance, her whole world turned upside down.

"Toy Country"

The list of the best shorts included an interesting story called "The Country of Toys". The plot takes place in Germany at the end of the 30s. The Nazi government catches all Jews and sends them to concentration camps. The little boy Henry made friends with his neighbor David, but soon he will be captured. To the boy was able to cope with the loss of a friend, his mother told him the story that he was actually sent not to the camp, but to the fairy-tale country of toys, after which the adults tried to save the neighbors from a terrible fate.

"The envelope"

At the heart of the seventeen-minute narration lies an interesting fact about the fascination of Yevgeny Petrov, who was the co-author of the books of Ilya Ilf. The creative personality always has certain weirdnesses, and in this hero it consisted in writing letters to fictional people, but to real countries. One day an envelope was thrown at him in a mail box, in which there was an answer to one of these messages. This event turned the whole life of Petroff, because he did not expect this.


In the category of "Best Shorts" the painting "Signs" went for showing the ingenuity of people and the desire to constantly look for something new. The protagonist is a simple office worker, who reminds every day of his life of the past. He gets up, breakfasts, goes to the usual place and does all the other things on schedule. Once he was in the window saw an attractive woman from the building opposite and began to watch her. The girl did not lose her head, took out a sheet of A4 paper and wrote to him to stop peeping. So began the communication between two completely unfamiliar people with the help of paper, which in their work was abound.

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