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Magomed Alekperov: Biography and Creativity

Rumors that the Caucasian men have a strong and clear voice are not at all exaggerated. Magomed Alekperov was born in Dagestan. At home, he has a large number of fans who follow the release of new songs and dream of inviting the singer to his wedding. Magomed absolutely has no "star fever", he does not deny his fans in the joint photo, and also communicates with them personally.


Magomed Alekperov was born in Suleiman-Stalsky district of Dagestan. His biography is closely connected with nature and mountains, because he spent his childhood among them. Now Magomed sees the beauty of the surrounding world hidden from others, it is she who inspires him to work.

In his school years, Magomed was keen on KVN and wrote humorous songs. After the lessons, he attended a section of boxing, which he himself chose for himself. Until now, he is trying to attend regular training in boxing, so as not to get out of shape. Sometimes there is absolutely no time for it.

Student years

Already since childhood, Magomed Alekperov knew what he would do in life. His father spent his whole life working on music and gave his love of creativity to his son. Therefore, he received a professional music education. During training he played keyboards with Makhachkala groups, and also wrote his first texts in the genre of chanson.

It was during these student podrabotkov and performances he noticed the producer. The recorded joint track with the singer Ruslana broke all records on downloads and views. He got into the rotation of all TV channels and radio stations in Dagestan. We can say that the next morning after the first video clip, Magomed Alekperov woke up famous.

What Magomed is doing now

Now the singer continues to develop his career. He shoots clips of European quality in various parts of Dagestan. On his account, several duets with a variety of performers. More often the artist's performances take place in the southern part of the country.

Magomed Alekperov also actively speaks at small events. He has not only a very beautiful voice, but also a sparkling sense of humor. It is because of these qualities that he is often invited to the events as a facilitator.

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