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"Suspicious persons": actors and their roles

The film, which stimulates the desire to see it again, is always a good collaboration between the director and the screenwriter. This fully applies to the picture "Suspicious persons." Actors of this project, especially in the lead roles, created a unique action, to understand the vicissitudes of which is very difficult from the first time. The tape leaves after viewing the desire to go through the plot again to understand what really happened and how it is possible.

So, there are six of them, all of them are completely different, with their temperaments. Let's try to consider them separately, in order to understand how a unique masterpiece has turned out that has collected such a quantity of positive criticism.

Kevin Spacey

Paradox, but it is necessary to begin with the character of the second plan. Not all the actors in the film "Suspicious Persons" are so honored with awards, as this darling of fate. Kevin Spacey plays the role of the Chatterbox, at first glance, this is a completely secondary character, only interfering under the feet of the main characters of the picture. But, as the viewer who has attentively watched to the end of the film will understand, this is a wonderful provocation in the performance of the script's author.

But all this is not the main thing when it comes to the game. Actor really gave his best. The film until the very last moment seems like a mediocre detective, when, finally, it explodes with an intrigue skillfully created by this magnificent character performed by no less worthy master of the game. Do not forget the "Oscar", taken by Kevin Spacey for the role of the second plan, which was awarded the film academy Boltun. Well, throughout the tape he was convincing, you can not take it. So, the main, but secondary character, the lucky Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is the first one to get into our focus.

Gabriel Byrne

The next character in the movie "Suspicious faces." Actors often choose a role for themselves, much the reverse happens. In this case, apparently, there was a second option. Forever playing pensive characters Irish actor is called upon to play in the film-detective, albeit within the framework of the independent cinema he so loved. A former policeman who became a fraudster is, of course, a rather deep role, but obviously insufficient for this intellectual with a tendency to thoroughly study his character, his inner world, experiences, etc.

Be that as it may, they found each other in this most interesting project. By the way, the actor himself, like many of his colleagues on the set, did not think that the result would be so popular with the mass audience. But fate was destined to choose this film, to enjoy positive criticism and a fourfold payback of the budget.

Chazz Palminteri

Another character-making character is a police agent trying to untangle the ball, famously twisted by the light hand of the talented screenwriter of the film "Suspicious faces." Actors like Palminteri are rarely remembered against the backdrop of an endless array of identical types, sung to the average Hollywood. However, with an independent cinematograph everything is completely different. Here, an ordinary American of Italian descent, as if torn from the glorious massacre of the godfather, undertakes to investigate the matter, skillfully leading not only himself but also a trusting spectator. Bravo! Actor, screenwriter, director - all worked to the glory.


Let's start with Stephen Baldwin. Younger representative, probably, the most cinematic family of all time. Indeed, four actor brothers, each of which is fairly well-known for numerous roles, is already a separate topic for discussion. But still in focus - the film "Suspicious persons." Actors and roles, as already mentioned, often live in their own universe, choosing each other, for the joy or sorrow of the patient spectator. The character of Baldwin - Michael McManus - a typical extras, despite the appearance of active activity, criminal habits and temper tantrums.

We continue the list. Kevin Pollack. Another extras movie. The victim, that's just very real, unlike the character played by Kevin Spacey.

And, finally, Benicio del Toro. Closing list of roles that form the storyline. The actor himself is quite popular due to the numerous roles in the gangster cinema, but he was not so lucky with the character as the same Kevin Spacey. Be that as it may, del Toro his line withstands very much even at the level.

A little about the plot

There are five persons detained, sort of like independently of each other. A common criminal element, as the title of the film "Suspicious Persons" unequivocally states. The actors mentioned above stand on the line of identification, and this is a frank minus. After all, they put a criminal in it with ordinary passers-by, accidentally raving past the police station. And here are some scammers. However, there is no evidence, and everyone is dispersed, like banal punks.

Hot heads against such treatment, why not take revenge on the smelly policeman? They create their own destiny themselves! However, there is a more ingenious creator hiding under the name of Kaiser Soze. He is trying to find dumbheaded policemen, he is afraid of desperate thugs, and he is not what he claims to be. Maybe it's enough spoilers, and it's high time to see this unusual creation of intellectual cinema?


Independent cinema is famous for the creation of such films. Slow and at the same time broken line storyline. These are "suspicious persons". The actors and photos presented here have already passed the mark of twenty years since the release of the film, but it is still a bestseller recommended for viewing.

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