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Description of actions. An essay on assessing the quality of your life

In this article, we, our dear students, will discuss how to write an interesting essay that clearly describes your actions. What will be discussed here? Suppose you do your homework. How do you teach them: immediately begin to solve the problem or translate the sentence in English? Make a description of the actions. An essay on a similar topic will help you figure out how to learn lessons with interest, how to learn to understand this or that material. So, let's consider this topic.

My good morning

Every living creature has a new day with a morning awakening. Animals, insects, birds, plants live according to the laws of nature, wake up at dawn. In ancient times people also woke up almost always with the dawn, so they were much healthier, more cheerful.

What are we, if we have the topic "Description of actions"? You can start writing with a description of personal matters in the morning, and with a short introduction on how to live properly. Let's look at a small example:

"I want to talk about how I start every morning." When I was young, my father told me that it was necessary to get up at dawn, he explained this: a person should live in harmony with nature, wake up with it, then he will have More strength, health, and I absolutely agree with him. "

What are the next steps? Do you do morning exercises or at least stretch, lying in bed? It is very important to describe all your morning activities in order and compare with what good doctors and absolutely healthy people, athletes advise.

School fees

Each of us knows that the lessons should be done in the evening, and even better - in half an hour or hour after returning home. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll free yourself and run to play court with your friends. By the way, we should focus on this, but we will discuss this later, when we turn to the evening theme.

In the essay "Description of Human Actions" it is desirable to include an item about what your mood is in the morning, whether there is a desire to go to school. For you it is important to learn how to love to get up in the morning to learn new things. And the composition will help you to see everything as if from outside, to evaluate your attitude to life. After all, out of habit, we do not notice whether we live right.

So, our task in the morning is to get up early, make gymnastics, wash, and have a good breakfast. By the way, let your meal consist of porridge or yogurt, and not from tea with "Nuts" or a sandwich with sausage. Believe me, the second variant of strength and vigor will not give.

Go to school

What do you do when you go to school? Always hurry and resort to the lesson with a call or are generally late? If so, it's time to get used to getting up early. Do you know that a leisurely walk in the morning can satisfy and cheer up? Get out half an hour earlier, when the sun just rises. If there is a park nearby, walk along it. Then come to school 10 minutes before the beginning of the lessons. Do this description of activities (essay, personal diary, essay).

"At our school, classes start at 8.30, I only need to walk for 5 minutes, but I leave the house at 7.30 to take a walk, get some fresh air, enjoy the birds singing in the park, I have a good mood every day, new topics in school Fly. "

Educational process

Tell us about how you prepare for the lesson. Do you repeat the topic covered, do you get all the necessary supplies: a textbook, a notebook, a diary, a pencil case?

Describe the actions (composition) in order, so that you can understand whether you are doing everything right. For example, how are the best students? They carefully listen to the teacher, imagine the topic being studied, as something interesting and elementary. Having come home, fix the received knowledge with repetition, exercises and tasks.

After school

When does the last lesson end, do you go straight home or go out with friends? Describe your actions, for example:

"After school I do not run home right away, but I go out with my friends." Describe why. Of course, after a mental effort, there should be a complete rest, at least one hour. If the weather permits, it's worth taking a walk.

As a rule, after returning home, you sit down to dinner. This is an inalienable process in the life of every person. A full meal will help not only to satisfy hunger, but also to concentrate. And now, when we rested, ate, continue to write our essay. The description of actions ("how I do lessons") can be implemented by a list, for example:

  • I get a diary from my bag, I study what I asked for tomorrow;
  • I begin with the first lesson in the list, for example, algebra;
  • I take out a textbook and study the topic that was asked, because without studying the theory I can not solve an example;
  • That I can not remember, I try to learn by heart and practice;
  • Until I remember and solve the problem, I do not start other lessons.

It was just an example. Of course, you can have your own plan. Maybe it's easier for you to do first things that are easier and faster. This is also correct.

Hobbies and Further Education

Let's say you go to a sports school, go swimming. In the future, you dream of becoming a champion in water sports. Be sure to include this item in the essay: a description of the sporting activities. How do you train, prepare? What do you think about during difficult training?

Each student can describe his favorite business or sports, music, art school. The main thing that you like, you had a purpose in life.


How often do you clean in your room, do you help your relatives? Be sure to tell us what you do in your free time. You can share the story, for example, about how you and your father built a booth for a dog, mowed the grass in the field.

If you have an essay called "Description of work activities," then describe any types of work that you are doing and doing.

Thanks to this topic, you will be able to learn how to control your actions, improve your quality of life and develop.

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