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Low-frequency oscillations: technological aspects of application

Among the whole variety of vibrational movements, the most closely the person comes into contact with the oscillations of low frequency. In general, the classification of low-frequency oscillatory processes adopted in physics, and that, is based on a person's ability to sense these oscillations in the form of sound. According to this classification, sound, also other fluctuations, are divided into:

- Infra-frequency (infrasonic) range, where there are oscillations with frequencies up to 10 Hz;

- sound range, with oscillations from 15 to 100 Hz;

- ultrasonic range, with oscillations above 1 kHz.

The most widespread fluctuations in the sound range, and not only because we can often perceive them with the help of the senses, primarily the ear. In addition, it should also be taken into account that the peculiarity of human perception of vibrational phenomena in general is that our organism perceives them selectively, namely, depending on the frequency. That is, if some frequencies can be perceived with the help of hearing, then other frequencies affect already the vision, the vestibular apparatus, the circulatory system, etc.

Due to this circumstance low-frequency oscillations become the subject of scientific interest of representatives of the most diverse sciences: radiophysics, astrophysics, wave research, military affairs and even theories of historical pulsations.

Representatives of some directions in science, technocrats, argue that low-frequency oscillations, their application, takes place only in the technogenic sphere created by man, technologies. Others believe that the universe itself, including the social life, represents low-frequency oscillations, sources of their origin are seen in the existence of certain general laws of development of being (dialectics).

It is not necessary to give a complete list of all these views, but here we shall try to show the most unexpected aspects of being where low-frequency oscillations manifest themselves.

A certain middle place was occupied by representatives of the integrated knowledge, which saw the source and process of our development in the action of the forces of the cosmic property. They argued that civilization develops cyclically, that is, it performs low-frequency oscillations, in which the period is 12 years (by analogy with the period of pulsations of galactic origin). Therefore, every 12th in the world, something very important is happening. In this way, for example, a temporary model of the existence of the Soviet system was built: 1893 (the year of the creation of the first Bolshevik circle), 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965 (attempted reforms of Kosygin), 1977 (program of "developed socialism"), 1989 ... it seems that most of the dates given in this list need not be understood. This concept did not receive serious scientific recognition, but at the level of mass perception, these "low-frequency oscillations" were discussed very vividly, even in a serious press.

Another, perhaps, the most odious example, where the processes under consideration are widely used, can be military affairs. As early as the century before last, the great German microbiologist Robert Koch claimed that such times would come when a person would have to fight low-frequency phenomena like a plague. It is difficult to say now how his statement was perceived by some. Most likely, some perceived it as a warning. But there were others who, perhaps, took him as a clue. As a result, now humanity is on the verge of creating weapons, in comparison to which nuclear can be perceived no worse than the American comics.

We are talking about the creation of such a means of destruction, in which the main damaging factor is sound, noise, in the physical context - low-frequency oscillations of the infrasonic range. According to some experts, if such weapons are created, it will become truly an ethnic weapon. Already there are specific developments of such weapons - the "Lava" and "Ruslo" systems. The prospect of their further improvement can be the creation of weapons of destruction, the purpose of which will be the genetic apparatus of entire nations.

To date, really developed low frequency application technologies are widely used in industrial production. Due to technological, and even image interests, they are called in these spheres as vibration processes.

In a short article, it is impossible to list all fields of application and those specific tasks that are solved by technologies based on the use of low-frequency phenomena. Obviously, the use of low-frequency processes is not only an object of increased attention on the part of the scientific community, but also a direct economic factor of development, and, as already shown above, a military-strategic factor. As for the role of low-frequency processes as an economic factor, it seems, it would be sufficient to give an example: today in the total cost of a modern ship, from 20 to 30 percent of all costs absorb the cost of providing noise insulation.

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