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Abandoned places near Moscow and Moscow - how to get there?

Extreme tourism is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. One of its branches is the inspection of abandoned buildings and other types of objects that have ceased to function. What are the abandoned places near Moscow worth visiting and how to prepare for such a trip?

Going to the road

Any journey begins with a route. Decide how you will move. It is not necessary to have a personal car in order to visit interesting objects in the immediate vicinity of the capital. It is quite easy to get to many places that are now abandoned by mankind, on public transport. Minor distances can be completely overcome on a bicycle. Please note that during the walk there may be communication problems, therefore, in addition to the navigator, take with you a paper map of the area or write landmarks in a separate notebook. For a trip to the abandoned places it is necessary to choose special clothes. Protect your legs - it's better to put on boots like a military and put on tight pants, it's advisable to take a light jacket with you. Do not forget to also put a lantern, matches, food and water in the bag, a small first-aid kit.

How to behave on the site?

Remember that many of the abandoned places near Moscow, despite its dilapidated and abandoned appearance, are public or private property, and sometimes even protected. With many watchmen you can agree, and they are for "thank you" or symbolic reward not only you will not be expelled, but also the tour will be conducted. If the security is incorruptible and requires leaving the territory, it is better not to argue, but to apologize for the invasion and retire. And yet the watchman is not the most terrible, many abandoned objects are chosen by people without a specific place of residence, as well as by stray and wild animals. In abandoned buildings you need to listen carefully to extraneous sounds, do not forget to look around and under your feet. Deteriorating buildings are dangerous in and of themselves - at any time they may collapse overlaps or walls. If the building seems unreliable to you, it is better to confine yourself to inspecting the facade.

Select an object

In Russia, most of the abandoned buildings are of an architectural and historical type. Previously, in any village there was at least one church, and in the neighborhood there were posh manors. Many settlements today are completely erased from the face of the earth, and the most grandiose buildings in them remained reminders of the past epochs. The advantages of buildings in this category are the lack of protection. Quite a lot in our country and industrial abandoned objects. Most of them ceased to function immediately after the collapse of the USSR, and therefore today is in a deplorable state. These are entire plants, quarries and mines. If you are going to explore the abandoned places near Moscow, attention should be paid to pioneer camps and boarding houses.

Abandoned city

One of the most interesting places in the Moscow region is the film set left in 2010. What is noteworthy, the object is protected, but you can get here completely freely any day from ten in the morning until half past eight in the evening. There is a city-decoration in Solnechnogorsk district, near the village Serednikovo. Here the shooting of the film "Notes of the Forwarder of the Secret Chancery" took place. Filming space is recreated by the medieval Vyborg, on its territory there is a ship, a fortress wall and many interesting buildings, including a castle and a church. Do not forget to take a camera with you on this trip (shooting is free). If many of the abandoned places near Moscow produce a depressing impression and evoke philosophical reflections, then this object, when contemplated, takes you to a completely different world and time. After a walk around Vyborg, you can visit the Lermontov Museum in the village of Serednikovo.

The manor house in Grebnevo

If you want to see just two abandoned churches, a gorgeous house of landlords and many buildings of economic purpose, you should go to the village Grebnevo, Schelkovo district. The manor complex was built in the 16th century and was replaced by many owners, each of which changed the appearance of the palace and the adjacent territory slightly for personal tastes. Later at different times here were located: a hospital, a factory and a secondary specialized educational institution. The complex is recognized as an architectural monument, but today no reconstruction works are performed for it, and the entrance to the territory remains free. Like many other abandoned places in Moscow and Moscow suburbs of this type, the estate is surrounded by a large park, which today is heavily overgrown and in a deplorable state.

Other architectural abandoned objects near the capital

Not far from the town of Serpukhov, situated near Moscow, are the ruins of the once magnificent manor of Pushchino-on-Nara. The building is located near the village of Pushchino. By the way, a large facade with columns can be seen from the motorway. Near the ancient palace there are simple village houses with kitchen gardens, and the local population is not very welcome to tourists. But this is not an obstacle, since the manor is not guarded. Preserved brick walls, decorated with columns with rich stucco and bas-reliefs, in places you can distinguish the remains of a mosaic, near the main entrance there is a large bowl of a fountain. Interesting enough to visit the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, located near the village of Yaropolets. This object is obligatory for visiting all amateurs to take photos of abandoned places. The architectural ensemble is the property of the Orthodox Church, but the restoration has not yet begun. The territory near the temple is guarded, with the guards you can agree on the inspection of the object. In addition to the church with an underground burial vault, the grave of the count, the bell tower and the stela deserve attention, which can be found right behind the lime alley.

Unusual abandoned buildings

If you want to visit really terrible abandoned places, go to Andronievsky Square. Here are the legendary abandoned buildings, which are inhabited by the most real ghosts and poltergeists. The greatest dose of adrenaline can be obtained here, walking at sunset or at night. One of the most unusual buildings abandoned by people in the suburbs is a dielectric ball. Located at the edge of a forest near the village of Ignatovo. The structure was built to receive and process information sent by artificial satellites from outer space. No less interesting are the Siany - caves created during the organization of the reservoir. The project was never completed, in addition to catacombs? An unfinished dam was preserved. The most convenient way to get to this place from the metro station "Domodedovskaya" by bus (route number - 439).

The study of abandoned objects: the main thing is to have time on time!

Remember that the map of the abandoned places near Moscow very quickly mutates. Some objects begin to be reconstructed, others simply demolish. There are not only new abandoned buildings, but entire territories. If suddenly you accidentally get an object that was not previously informed, do not be afraid to try it out. It is possible that you will enter this abandoned building one of the first. The most important thing is to observe the safety techniques and try to avoid military and secret objects, if there is no absolute certainty that there is no protection. Be sure to warn someone from close people about all your trips. And do not forget to take along your identification documents, as well as the means of communication.

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