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The Kremlin of Suzdal: description and photos of sights

Ancient Suzdal does not leave anyone indifferent, before that it is beautiful and interesting with its sights. The city preserves the historical heritage of its ancestors. Suzdal began with earth fortifications and one cathedral.

Attraction: appearance and history

The Kremlin of Suzdal is now a museum. But first Vladimir Monomakh laid the temple of the Assumption. It was a powerful architectural structure made of bricks. It was painted by the best masters of Byzantium. The foundation was laid weak, the cathedral walls began to crumble, and Yury Dolgoruky ordered it to be completely dismantled. And soon in place of the old temple began to rise white stone cathedral with three helmet-shaped heads. For the central head a special pedestal was built, for small heads the eastern corners of the structure serve as a support. The cathedral was decorated with relief drawings, masks of female faces and carvings. In 1225 Bishop Simeon held a ceremony of lighting the cathedral. From that moment the Suzdal Kremlin began to bear the name of the Theotokos-Rozhdestvensky.

A year later, the cathedral painted from inside with frescoes, laid out the floor with tiles. Once again, the structure undergoes a change after a fire. Instead of three chapters, it receives five, and some adjustments are added. Since the reign of Basil III the cathedral has been painted several times, thrones have been added. Appears main attraction - the Golden Gate, created by Suzdal craftsmen. The treasures of the Nativity Cathedral are in the museum.


The Nativity Cathedral of the Suzdal Kremlin has its own necropolis. There are burials of princes Shuisky, Belsky and sons of Yury Dolgoruky. In the thirties, divine services ceased to be held in the cathedral.

2005 was marked by the opening of the former cathedral restoration. Years of restoration helped the cathedral to find the relics of Saint Arseny of Elasson. This is another attraction that the Kremlin has Suzdal.

Bell tower

One of the oldest buildings that make up the ensemble, located to the south of the cathedral, is the Cathedral bell tower. It has an element corresponding to the fortress towers - the roof above the cornice. From the end of the XVII century to the present time, the clock on the bell tower rings every hour and every quarter.

Hierarchical Chambers

A unique building dating back to the XV-XVIII centuries - Bishops' Chambers, is surrounded by a stone wall and an earthen rampart. The structure includes residential and outbuildings. The most famous of these are the refectory chambers and the church. The first chambers look like a complex complex of buildings. This complex was conceived as an apartment house for the church lords of the city of Suzdal. It is in the wards that the museum is located.


The refectory of the Suzdal Kremlin is now working for its intended purpose. In the bottom there is a restaurant. It has a name, consonant with the architectural structure: "Refectory." This institution enjoys an incredible demand, although it is included in the category of expensive and prestigious. The restaurant was opened in 1998 with the aim of preserving the real traditional Russian cuisine. The interior is made in the style of Russian classics. The kitchen contains old recipes. The restaurant serves traditional Russian cuisine from game. Servants of the cult always preferred meat of wild boars, quail and pheasants.

Church of the Assumption

To the churches that have survived to the present times are Uspenskaya, Nikolskaya and Khristorozhdestvenskaya. Uspenskaya is a building of the Moscow Baroque style. St. Nicholas Church was transported to the Kremlin by Suzdal from the village, in which the ancestor of the dynasty of kings of the famous Romanov family was born. The largest and most interesting landmark of Suzdal is the Museum of Wooden Architecture. The museum is waiting for visitors daily, except Tuesday and Friday.


The wooden church of St. Nicholas is a sample of ancient temples. It is built of wooden log houses. Church of St. Nicholas is very beautiful, slim and golden. It fits perfectly into the general architectural ensemble. The church gave the name to the ancient Nikolsky gate, which is led to the bridge over the river Kamenka.

It is named after St. Nicholas, who is considered the patron of travelers. The building is exquisite. It is a real work of folk carpentry art by ordinary masters of the people.

What is the reason for such attention given to this church?

The structure was erected only with the help of a carpenter's tool - an ax. The nails that are present in the fastened elements of the church are also wooden. In addition, the St. Nicholas Church has incredible beautiful architectural forms. Nearby, near the Kremlin, is the church of the Nativity of Christ. It is simple in architecture, it is a dwelling house in one floor. The church consists of a wooden frame and a regular gable roof.

The Suzdal Kremlin

Description of all expositions in it contains the history of the land of Suzdal. There are interesting exhibits, which are represented by objects of applied art and ancient Russian painting. The Kremlin of Suzdal is the center of the city, which is considered very ancient. And the oldest is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. The material used for its construction is a rough tuff.

But Vladimir Monomakh erected a temple in the wrong place. The Suzdal Kremlin is a peculiar core of the city, and it attracts many tourists not only from Russia, but also from abroad. And those who are looking for this landmark, pay attention to its outlines from afar.

The cupolas of the blue sky color and the golden stars on them at the Nativity Cathedral are visible far away. Archaeologists have found out that since the tenth century there is the Suzdal Kremlin. Suzdal can be proud of having such an architectural ensemble. It is laid out of white stone, like the dress of a virgin girl. And at the same time, this complex is a fortified structure with ramparts, towers and gates.

What is included in the ensemble?

So, the architectural ensemble of the Suzdal Kremlin includes the following structures: the Nativity Cathedral, the Bishops' Chambers with the refectory of the Episcopal Church, the Cathedral Belltower, the Assumption Church, the Summer Church of St. Nicholas, the Nativity of Christ Church.

In the painting of the complex there are characters of venerable holy elders, traditional Russian ornaments. Christmas Cathedral was designed as the first temple for prayers, not only the family of the prince, but also ordinary citizens. And the bishop's chambers and the refectory were conceived as an episcopal palace. The Cathedral bell tower was erected under the special order of Bishop Serpion. Bells and chimes were restored completely and still please all parishioners and residents of Suzdal. The church of the Assumption has a smart appearance. This is a beautiful red-green building, which housed the prince's court of Ivan III.

The summer Nikolskaya church is a steam room for the church of the Nativity of Christ. When there is an acquaintance with the architecture of the city of Suzdal, it strikes incredible mastery of architects. Surprising is their incredible sense of beauty and sophistication. After all, no one has ever tried to design the city and its buildings specifically in the complex. Many temples and churches that became popular only in the post-Soviet period were destroyed many times, burned, flashed like a match, then were restored again. All the buildings built in different historical periods, wonderfully harmoniously fit in the overall color of the churches and cathedrals. All these buildings were created in the throes of creativity.


Many times the Suzdal Kremlin, whose photo is presented in the article, lost its importance and acquired it again. Sometimes built monasteries and temples near Suzdal took over the responsibility of the central core of the whole complex. Everything that is connected with the history and antiquity of Russian cities has always attracted the attention of archaeologists and historians. And in one of the oldest cities, so much has happened and will continue to happen, that it will simply not be possible to remain an outside observer.

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