Apple Tree Treasured: description, photos, ratings

Choosing an apple tree for a garden is a very important matter. After all, to enjoy large yields such a tree in the subsequent summer resident will be for many years. There were a lot of varieties of this culture during its entire cultivation. Some of them harvest early - in the middle of summer. Others begin to bear fruit later - by the beginning of autumn. Apples of the latter variety can not only be eaten fresh. Since the flesh is usually very dense, they are often used for making compotes, jelly, jams, etc. One of the best late varieties from all cultivated in Russia is the apple tree. The breeder's description of the variety makes it possible to judge him as one of the best winter ones for today. Very good about it, and ordinary gardeners-gardeners respond.

How was

Selection work with this variety was carried out at NIISS them. M. A. Lisavenko, located in the city of Barnaul. Parents for him were Melba and Autumn Joy. Experiments were conducted with these two varieties by five talented breeders - M. Lisovenko, L. Zhebrovskaya, T. Kalinina, L. Kornienko, Z. Grankina.

Registered brand Zavetnoye was in 1958. Today it is grown almost everywhere in Siberia and the Urals.

Apple Tree Treasured: description, photo of tree

Too high the trees of this variety do not grow. They have compact, round, medium density. In fruiting the apple tree enters quite quickly. At the same time, the Treasured one also has a high yield. The bark of the trees of this variety is dark brown. The branches of these apple trees have simply a huge number of spears and move away from the trunk almost perpendicularly. The shoots of the trees of the variety Zavetnoye are small, thin and pubescent. Leaves on them grow pointed, slightly oblong in shape. The color of the plate is dark green at the same time. The veins on the leaves are almost invisible. The flowers of these apple trees are small, white. This variety belongs to the group of universal. And consequently, its fruits can be consumed as fresh, or in the form of jams or jam. Compotes from these apples are also very good.

Description of fruits

Not too large fruit sizes - this is what distinguishes the apple tree Treasured. The description, photos, reviews about this class allow you to judge it, nevertheless, as one of the best. Although the weight of apples Zavetnoye in the early years does not exceed 80 grams, and then - 40-60 g, the taste qualities they are simply excellent. In addition, the appearance of the fruit is very beautiful. The skin of apples of variety Zavetnoye is absolutely smooth, white. Most of the fruit is covered with a blurry "southern" blush of intense pink color.

The flesh of these apples is dense, very juicy and sweet. The color is greenish white. Many summer residents note the fact that the pulp of these apples has a strawberry flavor. The aroma of the fruit is very weak. Their form is round, without flattening. It is best to taste the fruits of this variety in cold years.

The content of nutrients in fruits

The cherished - the apple tree (photo on the page is confirmed), giving a very beautiful fruit. The more sunny the year, the more elegant they look. The appearance of blush on these apples is stimulated by ultraviolet rays. But, of course, the dignity of the fruits of this variety are not only attractive appearance and excellent taste qualities. The use of these apples, among other things, is considered very useful for health.

According to the Institute. A. Lisovenko, in the fruits of this variety contains:

  • Sugars - 12.20%;

  • Acids - 0.43%;

  • Vitamin C - 15.2 mg;

  • Pectin substances - 0.90%;

  • P-active compounds - 178 mg.

Apple Tree Treasured: a description of the variety in terms of economic value

In fruiting, the apple-tree Zavetnoye enters the fourth year after planting. The tree grows full strength in a few years. With age, the yield of this variety is practically not reduced. Good fruit even the old apple tree Treasured. In total, from one such tree, depending on the year, you can collect up to 14-56 kg of fruit. Yields apple-tree cherished give annually, without interruptions.

Advantages of the variety and its disadvantages

Very good fodder content - this is what, of course, is different kind of apple Zavetnoye. Photo and description of the variety allows you to judge it as one of the most valuable winter ones. Ripen fruit in September. You can store them for 150 days. Also, the merits of apple trees of this variety include:

  1. Resistance to scab and most other diseases. In order to prevent infection of fruits, it is enough to spray the tree with some fungicide once a year - in the spring, before the flowering begins.

  2. Friendly ripening of fruits. Harvesting apples from a tree of this variety is thus very convenient.

Disadvantages of the apple tree Zavetnoye (description, photos, reviews available on the net, say this unambiguously) has practically no. Some of the minus of this variety are considered by summer residents to be relatively low in comparison with other species, zoned for cold regions, winter hardiness. In very frosty winter, branches and buds of this apple tree can freeze. In particular, the tree sensitive crust is a perennial bark.

Responses of gardeners

In the gardeners of Siberia and the Urals, this variety is very valued. It is grown by many summer residents. Of course, first of all, he earned his popularity for the excellent taste of fruits. Not the least role in this played and their almost phenomenal lezhchkost. Some dacha farmers keep apples fresh until February, and sometimes until March.

With regard to care, this variety also earned excellent reviews of gardeners. This apple is very unpretentious, almost never sick, the drought tolerates well. Another advantage of the Treasured summerman is considered self-fertility. No pollinators should be planted next to this apple tree.

Use of fruits

Universality is, as already mentioned, what distinguishes the Treasured, the apple tree. The description of its fruits was given above. Sweet apples of this class, if desired, can be used for cooking:

  • Compote;

  • Jelly;

  • Dried fruits;

  • Fruit wine;

  • Cider;

  • Jam.

There are a lot of pectin substances in the fruits of this variety. And therefore, among other things, they are well suited for cooking jam, jam, mousse and jelly. In fresh form, apples of this class should be stored in a cool place. It can be like a regular household refrigerator, and a cellar.

Features of grooming

These are the characteristics that characterize the winter-hardened apple tree. Description, photos, reviews allow you to judge this variety as, of course, very fruitful and valuable. It is quite simple, judging by the reviews of summer residents, and grow this apple tree. They take care of this variety in the same way as any other in Siberia. Of course, this apple tree should be watered and fertilized periodically. Also, it should be carried out in spring pruning.

How to plant

So, everything says that a really valuable sort of apple tree is Zavetnoye - description, photos, reviews. Planting such a tree, as well as caring for it, does not represent anything particularly complex. Perform this procedure in the spring (the pit is cooked in autumn) as follows:

  • Fill the pit with 2/3 of a mixture of fertile soil, manure and complex mineral fertilizer;

  • At the seedling, straighten the roots and install it in the pit in such a way that the root neck is 8 cm above the ground level;

  • Install a support stake in the pit;

  • Fall asleep a seedling and tie it up.

The pit under the apple tree of the cherished tree is usually cooked with a width of 80 and a depth of 60 cm. In autumn, fruit trees are not planted in Siberia. Otherwise, they simply can not survive until the onset of cold weather.

How to water

The soil under this apple tree is moistened at least twice a season. In spring, water is very abundant - at least 100 liters of water under a tree older than four years. In autumn, the soil in the stump circle is moistened immediately after the tree has discarded the leaves. This time watering should also be abundant. In arid years, this apple tree may need moisture in the summer. In the period from June to August it is desirable to water it twice.

Application of fertilizers

To the composition of the soil, the apple tree is not very demanding. However, of course, it is necessary to fertilize it from time to time. As a top dressing for this variety, liquid mullein is usually used. In spring it is possible to scatter along the near-barren circle and urea.

How to crop

Carrying out of this procedure apple-tree - the variety Zavetnoe, reviews about which are remarkable, - demands necessarily. They produce pruning in the spring, before the active sap movement. Forming the crown of the tree, remove all the broken and frozen branches. Also clean and growing improperly shoots. Pruning can be done with a sharp pruner or a hacksaw. Growing horizontally branches on an apple cherished should not be cleaned. It is on them that the most fruit ripens in autumn.

Pest Control

Resistance to scab - this is what distinguishes the apple tree variety Zavetnoye. Reviews about it are good yet and therefore. But the pests of its fruits, of course, can damage. In order to preserve the crop, preventive spraying of trees should be carried out. In spring, apple trees should be treated with a solution of the following composition:

  • Urea - 700 g;

  • Copper sulfate - 50 g;

  • Water - 10 liters.

Carry out the treatment before flowering. To protect the apple from the fruiting, you can use special fishing belts.

Protection against rodents

The cherished is an apple tree, reviews of summer residents deserve good. But many gardeners note the fact that its wood for some reason is very like mice. In any case, rodents are more often affected than most others. Therefore, while preparing the apple tree for the winter, it is necessary to pay attention, including its protection from these pests. In order to protect the tree from mice, you need:

  • Collect from under him all the foliage and burn it;

  • Dig a trunks circle on the spade bayonet;

  • Wrap the trunk of the tree with an artificial protective material.

Instead of synthetics, you can use fir paws to protect the apple tree trunk. They need just tying around the tree. When performing this operation, make sure that the largest number of needles is located at the bottom of the trunk - near the ground. Pre-apple is worth whitening with the use of lime or water-based paint. In addition, it is desirable to use chemical means of scaring off mice. It can be, for example, briquettes "Ratibor".

Instead of concluding

So, in this article we have in all details examined what the apple tree is. The variety is, as you see, really very productive and unpretentious, and therefore, of course, valuable. Most of the dacha inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals have already appreciated it for a long time. Of course, it is worthwhile to plant this apple tree and newcomers who recently bought plots. In any case, it will not be difficult to take care of this variety.

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