New furniture Ronicon: customer reviews

Today, the furniture "Ronicon", reviews of which indicate a high quality of products - a large and well-known brand. The factory itself began its activity in 2000. Over the years, the company has achieved unconditional recognition from buyers, but it continues to exercise constant control over the success of its image.

The products of the factory meet both domestic and foreign quality standards in the field of health protection and ecology, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. The company is really interested in whether the furniture produced by consumers will be pleasant. Therefore, for "Ronicon" customer reviews, especially objective criticism, are extremely important. The factory strives to create not faceless furniture, but "character", which can correspond to modern design trends. The models created by "Ronicon", therefore, are recognizable among other analogues that they have their own style and certain physical indicators.

The unique equipment of the factory produces not only serial furniture, the creation of which takes into account the most current design developments, but also models for individual projects.
These reviews of "Ronicon" reviews customers as original and even exclusive. After all, for the factory there is nothing impossible in the solution of the tasks assigned to it. They say that everything is simple. "Ronicon" has the ability to even the most complex projects to make genius simple, and most importantly, affordable.

The company produces children's rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, hallways and wardrobes with a rich selection of accessories and internal filling. All furniture is excellent, but the cabinets "Ronicon" reviews customers for quality and uniqueness of design deservedly placed on the first place among the competing products. This multifunctional representative of a modern storage system requires separate recognition as a practical and convenient part of the interior. Considered by the factory "Ronicon" consumer reviews led to the decision to create four series of sliding-door wardrobes - as they say, for every taste, taking into account any purchasing opportunities.

The most popular series is "Economy". The affordable price of it does not indicate a bad quality. Create an economical option was made possible by the use of a cheaper but stronger steel fastening system. It does not require additional care, is easy to operate and reliable, but somewhat loses aesthetics. The design is simple and concise, from this series one should not expect exquisite solutions, and is it always necessary? Economical and practical closet, selected in a suitable color scheme, perfectly fit into the interior of the same laconic room and will not "argue" with the surrounding environment.

The model of two more expensive but also quite affordable "Elegant" and "Prestige" series are multifunctional stylish cabinets for luxurious interiors. They are used for sliding doors aluminum fastening system with rollers at the bottom and above, providing a reliable suspension and smooth running. A variety of options for finishing the facades meet the latest trends in furniture fashion.

The most expensive, but also the most spectacular things - luxury trendy and modern fitted wardrobes of the "Lux" series - impeccable quality.

In the search for new solutions, the opinion of furniture buyers "Ronicon", their feedback and wishes always serve as a starting point for the factory, so the company has many creative finds ahead.

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