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What is the name of coffee with cognac and how was this drink called in the old days?

Now it is difficult to remember who first decided to add alcohol to coffee. There are hundreds of ways to make this ancient drink. Similarly, there are several options for what is called coffee with cognac.

The miraculous "fortified" drink

In different countries there are their own recipes and their idea of what is called coffee with cognac. To begin with, it is worth noting that such a drink was invented for good reason. In addition to the unusual taste and aroma, it has a number of other useful qualities. It turns out that a mixture of these two liquids:

  • Restores strength;
  • Improves efficiency and enhances concentration of attention;
  • Increases blood pressure ;
  • Helps to deal with stress;
  • Acts in some cases as an analgesic.

Such a number of advantages, of course, causes a keen interest in an unusual drink. And it does not matter how the coffee with cognac is called . You can consider it a medical balm or come up with another definition. In fact, it does not change much. For example, the Irish cook their "fortified" coffee with the addition of whiskey and call it Irish Coffee. This method was invented in the forties of the twentieth century. A little later, the Americans perfected it and began adding whipped cream to it. In principle, if you replace Irish whiskey with good cognac, the result will not get worse.

Popular drink of Armenia

In the countries of the former USSR, too, with great respect for coffee. For example, in Armenia they even prefer tea. Therefore, any guest who crossed the threshold of the house, be sure to offer a cup of fresh fresh coffee. In addition, Armenia is a country that is famous all over the world for its excellent cognac. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to answer what is called coffee with cognac. Any local resident will say that it is coffee in Armenian. There are even two options for its preparation:

  1. The first is that all the original components (ground coffee, sugar, cognac) are placed in the Turkish. Then they should be filled with water and put on a very slow fire. It is necessary to heat until no foam is formed from above, but in no case boil.
  2. For the second method, it is first necessary to lightly heat the coffee with sugar in the Turkish. Then add water and a little cognac. Then the process goes on, as usual. Then the ready coffee should be poured into a cup and delivered to the table.

To prepare an Armenian drink, you need 1 teaspoon of fine coffee and sugar, a few drops of cognac and water (coffee cup).

Recipes of sunny Italy

Italians are much easier to solve this issue. They always clearly know the name of the drink. Coffee, with brandy there, in principle, do not prepare. But there are other variants of such an alcoholic cocktail under the common name "Coretto". This, in fact, a regular espresso. And, depending on the added alcohol-containing ingredient, a certain prefix appears in the name. It indicates the country in which this product is particularly famous. For example, "espresso in Irish" provides for the addition of a typical hot drink whiskey. Coffee "in Russian" the Italians cook, of course, with vodka. What other country can claim such a name? Schnapps - this is the national drink of Germany, so the Italian koretto in this case is called "coffee in German". Homeland of gin all over the world is the United Kingdom. Hence the name - "in English". The Italians themselves often use their famous Amaretto liquor as an alcoholic component.

Russian Standards

In our country, any old woman can tell how to make cognac at home. To do this, you need to add a little coffee and vanillin powder to ordinary vodka. Sometimes some manufacturers of spirits enter this way. Using instead of brandy ordinary ethyl alcohol, they produce products that can not be called cognac. As a result, it turns out, perhaps, brandy or just tinted vodka. This is the details. These drinks sometimes come to bars and are used for making cocktails. In this case it is not clear how the coffee is called: with cognac or vodka? Naturally, connoisseurs will be able to feel the difference. And what should a simple inhabitant do who does not know this deception? He can only believe everything that is written in the menu. And there for all visitors coffee with cognac is offered. Reality is sometimes rude and unfair. True, self-respecting institutions try not to allow such situations.

Nominal drink

There are different options for what is called coffee with cognac. The name sometimes emphasizes the additional component. Take, for example, coffee with cognac "Napoleon". For its preparation is used: for 2 teaspoons of ground coffee - a pinch of salt, a quarter of a teaspoon of cognac "Napoleon", water and sugar (to taste).

Prepare this drink as follows:

  1. In turk, weld coffee in the usual way.
  2. Strain the received drink.
  3. Fall asleep sugar and salt.
  4. Add the cognac.

Now it remains only to pour the finished drink into a cup and enjoy the unique exquisite taste of coffee, prepared according to the original recipe. Observing all the subtleties and a clear sequence of actions, you can get a product that will not only raise your vitality, but also give strength and raise your spirits. For maximum effect, in addition to the famous cognac, you must also use coffee of the best varieties. Then the result is simply stunning.

Habits of distant ancestors

Each drink has not only its own characteristics, but also a rich history. Cognac and coffee are known to people for a long time, but up to the last century they were usually perceived separately. The creators of these drinks did not even think of using them together and thinking, for example, what is called coffee with cognac. In the olden days, each of these two products had its own special purpose. Cognac was considered a real "elixir of health" because of the huge amount of essential oils and alcohols contained in it. And coffee all the time was a source of cheerfulness, self-confidence and good mood. In the best houses these products were used in order of priority. After a plentiful meal, a sign of good taste was a cup of strong aromatic coffee. And only after such a ceremony was it supposed to drink a glass of real, good brandy. They usually did not hurry, usually with friends. It was supplemented with a cozy atmosphere, pleasant conversation and a good cigar.

In the name of the beast

In some countries, there are beverages that have already acquired the status of tradition over the years. They are consumed daily and cooked in a certain way. For example, in Cuba they love "Creole coffee" very much. Many locals are starting with it from the morning. The drink consists of a hot aromatic coffee with the addition of rum. The predilection of Cubans is shared by the inhabitants of Jamaica. True, they gave their drink the name "Caribbean coffee". It is interesting that simple sailors among themselves such a mixture for some reason is called a "bear". An incomprehensible association, but the fact remains. If you consider that rum is just an alcoholic drink, then you can use anything you like instead. Then the question of how the drink "coffee with cognac" was formerly called among sailors can be safely answered - "Bear". Perhaps, so the conquerors of the depths of the sea wanted to emphasize the special strength, significance and individuality of the famous drink, which is prepared from products grown on land. Who knows?

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