What are the types of fetish?

The types of fetish are numerous and varied. But whatever they were, something unites them. This is the presence of a certain object, around which a certain fetish "grows". It can be any part of the human body, a piece of clothing, the surrounding setting, gait, behavior and appearance. Anything, in general. All varieties of fetish are difficult to enumerate, but it should be noted with some attention.

Attraction to the feet

This is one of the most common directions in fetishism, so it's logical to start with it. Attraction can cause the appearance of the feet and touching them, the smell of their skin and taste, temperature, movement of the fingers. If we talk about types of foot fetish, it is worth noting that often it is combined with a heightened interest in pantyhose, shoes and stockings.

More fans of the feet may like to see their partner barefoot, but in jeans. Or, for example, in flip-flops, sandals, in open shoes or high heels. The toes of the partner to enhance their feelings fetishist often adorns with rings, and ankle - chains, bracelets.

It is important to note that people who experience such an attraction have their own special taste on the feet. They pay attention to their size, the shape and length of their fingers, to the pedicure. And here, as in all other, there is no averaged tastes. Preference for all individual.

BDSM Element

Continuing the theme of the types of foot fetish, I would like to note that the attraction to the feet is associated with certain BDSM practices. For example, bastinado. This is a very popular practice, meaning flogging your feet. In addition, foot fetishists often bring diversity to their act by acting on their partner's feet with low and high temperatures, tickling or sharp objects.

Many more practice trampling (trampling of the body) or pressing down the feet of the person who acts as a passive in the pair. And of course, coercion of various kinds in foot-fetishism also occurs.

In general, in sex there were several techniques associated with the attraction to the feet, which gave the name. In addition to the mentioned trampling, it is FeetLicking, ToeSucking and ToeLicking (a more in-depth and frank version of the notorious oral caresses), FeetSniffing, FootJob (stimulation with soles), and Foot Massage. The latter is most often an element of a preliminary game before intercourse.

By the way, in addition to the above, there is also a foot-fetish "view from below." It is meant to observe a person behind a naked obeisance object walking on a transparent surface. On the glass table, for example. When the bottom view opens, then some kind of peeping effect is created. As a consequence - the splash of a certain percentage of adrenaline, which affects the excitement.

Thirst for clothes

It is impossible not to note the attention and her, talking about the types of fetish. The craving for laundry is characterized by sexual arousal, experienced to the garments, as well as its satisfaction with the help of them. Very often craving for laundry is associated with the so-called fetishistic transvestism. This is the kind of sexual behavior in which the satisfaction of excitement is achieved or strengthened through disguise in the clothes of the opposite sex.

People who are especially keen on this kind of fetish usually try to make themselves visually similar to the opposite sex. To do this, they use wigs, jewelry, cosmetics, suits, various kinds of magnifiers, etc.

Also worth noting is cisvestism. This is the name of the craving to put on clothes that are not appropriate for their age or social status. A vivid example can be considered role-playing games, where an adult girl turns into a schoolgirl.

And there is also the concept of Gomesvestism. This satisfaction of his excitement by putting on clothes of his own sex, but belonging to another person (most often an object of lust or idol).

Physical preferences

Listing the types of fetish, I would like to talk about those whose object is something related to the physical characteristics of a person.

Apotemnophilia. The concept is combined with masochism, since the subject of fetish is physical ugliness. For example, the absence of a limb.

From this concept follows another: acrothophilia. This is the name of the craving for people with amputated limbs. It is considered a sexual deviation (deviation).

There is also heterochromophilia. It is an attraction experienced to people of a different skin color.

Passion for pornography

There are many other kinds of sex fetishes worth mentioning. Often there is pornography. This is the name of the pathological infatuation with videos, films and photos of erotic content. From people who periodically watch something similar, pornographers are radically different. After all, for them, content with erotic content is the only incentive to achieve excitement and satisfaction.

Voyeurism also applies here. This is the urge for detailed consideration of erotic video / photos, the attraction to large plans, as well as the need to observe intimate communication from the side. For many people with similar fetishes, all of the above is the only form of sexual discharge. Often pornographers and voyeurs simply can not feel the excitement of the upcoming act or the kind of naked partner.

"Selfish" preferences

Narcissism is still quite common. In this case it's not a character trait, but a sexual attraction to your body and yourself. A "related" fetish is still autonomic monogamy. This is a more complex concept. By it is meant an attraction to your body when you identify it with another person. It occurs quite rare.

Famous German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld gave a clear definition and characterization of automonosecialism. This is a type of narcissism, in which a man is excited from the representation of himself in the body of a woman, and vice versa. To satisfy their desires, automonosialists can change into clothes of the opposite sex in front of a mirror, making their fantasies more realistic.

Strange predispositions

Talking about what kinds of fetish happen, I would like to note three of them, which can be called the most strange.

Pygmalionism. People with such a fetish are attracted to a still image of the human body. They satisfy themselves by touching it. Also, such fetishists are able to experience the pleasure of owning this object (dummy, for example).

Cleptolagnesium. People with this fetish are excited by the thought of being robbed. Fear, experienced by them in theft, and the adrenaline rush, triggered by this, gives them incredible pleasure. And it is better, if it is still accompanied by BDSM-elements (immobilization, pressing against the wall, etc.).

Crash-fetish. It is rare. A person with a crash-fetish excites the observation of how his partner crushes and breaks his feet with any objects.

Attraction to the mechanisms

Above it was briefly told about what kinds of fetish are there. Many of them are unusual, but you can understand them. Now it is worth mentioning a much more strange kind of fetish. And this is mechanophilia. This is the name of the attraction to cars, as well as to motorcycles, helicopters, trucks, planes and other mechanisms.

It is not very common, but in 2008 the world became known to a man named Edward Smith - the one who had sex with a thousand machines! Many media outlets interviewed him. Edward himself does not consider his love for cars something abnormal and claims that his cars are exciting much more than women, although in relations with the ladies he was. Smith's first "love", by the way, was the Corvette Stingray - a sports American concept car.

A special "love" for the elements

Considering different types of sexual fetishes, it is also worth mentioning about aquafilia. People who are peculiar to her, prefer intimacy in the water or under it, as well as on the seashore, the lake, the river, the pool, the bathhouse, etc. If we talk about pornographic content, then they like submarine erotica most of all. In the 90's there was even such a magazine - Aquaphiles Journal.

Still there is a so-called pyrolagny. It's a fetish on fire. People with pyrolangia are excited by the contemplation of the flame. It can be like a fire and a fire, a candle, or even a match. This fetish has a more serious form called pyromania. This is not just a pathologically experienced human need to watch the fire, but also a craving for arson. Pyromania is fraught with consequences, it can harm other people, the environment and other people's property, so it must be treated.

Sexual Symbolism

This topic can not be ignored by attention when it comes to the most popular types of fetish. Sexual symbolism is most often identified with retifism. This is called the attraction experienced by many people in relation to products made of a certain material.

More often than not, retifists "pull" to latex and skin. Or rather, to gloves, belts, belts, shoes, corsets, pants and other peculiar objects of the wardrobe made of them. Retifists prefer that their partner does not remove the exciting product. In the process of the act, they touch it, stroked - in general, perceived as an integral part of the object of passion.

Retifism is mainly found in men. Those who do not mind that the girl, wearing shoes on high heels, even briefly tried on the role of dominant and used her exciting shoes in preliminary caresses.

Other varieties of fetishes

Above there was much told about very popular sexual preferences. But this is not all kinds of fetish. The list is not calculated in the tens of hundreds of titles. There are preferences that seem quite normal. And there are those that go beyond universal human values and even the Criminal Code. However, I would like to note a few fetishes at last.

Formicophilia. Hardly many heard about this fetish. Because it is peculiar to people who are excited by crawling on them spiders or other insects.

Pliushefiliya. It even sounds cute and funny. If you do not remember that this concept means sexual attraction to plush toys.

Fornophilia. This is the name of a fetish belonging to one of the traditions of BDSM. In fact, this attraction to people who are posing as ... furniture.

In addition, there are fetishes that are not defined by one term. For example, the desire to have sex in places that in principle are public, and there may appear unwanted "eyes." Beach, roof, elevator, mountain plateau, staircase, cinema - there can be many options. The bottom line is that lovers of intimacy in such places pick up the moment, so that there is no one there. But the very fact that they can be seen adds adrenaline. Some are so keen on this kind of extreme that ordinary sex no longer brings them so much pleasure - there is not that very "spark".

In general, if we summarize, we can say the following: a fetish is not something bad and shameful, as many people think because of stereotypes existing in the society. But still, you need to know the measure and control yourself when necessary.

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