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We understand what is useful apricot

A fragrant and juicy apricot is good as fresh, and in the form of jam or juice. In countries where these fruits are available in unlimited quantities, people can boast of an enviable life expectancy and strong health. So what are the benefits of apricots?

What is contained in apricot?

Fruits are full of ascorbic acid, vitamins A, B, P, as well as minerals - iron, silver, carotene and bioflavonoids. In dried fruits, a lot of sugar, so in the food and medicinal sense, they are of great importance, but with diabetes or overweight, such a feature becomes a contraindication. How useful are the apricot bones? They contain vitamin B15 and fatty oils, useful for skin and hair. The poisonous bones make the glycoside of amygdaline, giving bitterness, so there are more than twenty grams per day not worth it.

How to eat fruit?

To preserve all that is useful apricot, most fully, it is best to eat fresh fruit. The fruits are delicious and aromatic, quite nutritious, so that for a snack and a component of fruit salad fit perfectly. In order to get the daily rate of ascorbic acid, you just need to drink a little less than a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Dried fruits are good as a substitute for sweets for those who are on a diet, but because of the high sugar content, anything apricot is useful for can lose to calories. Therefore, it is not necessary to abuse dried fruit. For those who have problems with hematopoiesis, daily one hundred grams of fresh fruit will become an irreplaceable source of iron. The lack of vitamins in children and adults can also be eliminated with the help of regular use of apricots. All that is useful apricot, is of great importance for the elderly. For pregnant women, this fruit will also be a good source of vitamins, especially in the form of juice or dried apricots. Dried fruits are good for patients with cardiovascular diseases due to the high content of potassium. Its quantity makes it possible to consider apricot and dried apricots as natural equivalents of artificial medicines for cores. Eating on fifty-one hundred grams of dried apricots a day, you can maintain heart health and provide prevention of diseases such as heart failure, chronic ischemic disease, lack of blood circulation, angina and even myocardial infarction.

Dried apricot fruits stabilize the heart rhythm, reduce heart pain and shortness of breath, neutralize swelling of the extremities that accompany heart failure. With a strong puffiness, you can prepare a special medicine. Once a week, eat three hundred grams of soaked dried fruits, dividing them into several meals, and also drink the same day a half-liter of juice. In two or three weeks, all that is useful apricot, will help the body cope with swelling. To achieve maximum results, you should continue the course of treatment for several months. You can repeat this method several times a year. In combination with broths from vinca, astragalus, dioscorees, apricot will also help protect against atherosclerosis of the vessels of the heart, brain and lower limbs.

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