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Sorbet - what is it and how to cook it?

Sorbet - what is this delicacy? In fact, it is a chilled fruit or berry puree with the addition of sugar, flavorings, chocolate. Sometimes sorts of ice cream without the addition of fats are called sorbets. What is it and how can it be cooked? How is it different from ice cream? Let's look at these questions in this article.

Sherbet and sorbet - what is it?

Sherbet called in the Arab countries a thick dessert of salted fruits with nuts, chocolate, spices, juices or a soft sweet drink. Coming to French cooking, the word and the delicacy itself were transformed. It began to be called sorbet or sorbet. What it is, you can imagine it well, imagining the taste of a very light berry ice cream with refreshing notes. This is the ideal dietary dessert. It can be prepared from any fruit and berries, adding a small amount of sugar or its substitutes. It is very important that they are juicy, then you get the right texture. A very pleasant dessert is obtained from melons and watermelons due to the content of the liquid in them and a refreshing taste.

How to cook and serve sorbet?

Berry dessert can be done in many ways. The first is the simplest: after preparing the mashed potatoes, put it in the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. It will need to stand there about three hours. The most important thing in the preparation of sorbet, as in the preparation of home-made ice cream, is that it must be mixed very often. It is desirable every half hour, if not every fifteen minutes. If you prepare sorbet from berries such as strawberries, cranberries or currants, it is important to wipe them through a sieve, having rid of the peel and seeds, then the texture of the dessert will be homogeneous and very pleasant. You can also use juice instead of mashed potatoes. The addition of sour ingredients (lemon or lime juice) will bring a refreshing sourness to the sorbet, and a small amount of liquor or other flavored alcohol will give it a special flavor. Of course, only in the event that the delicacy will not eat children.

Serve sorbet in glasses or kremankah, as well as use as a filling for tartlets, pre-cooling them. Use all the ways that you would decorate ice cream. Sorbet is very good in small cups of meringue. For their preparation, protein-sugar foam is kept in the oven at a low temperature until it becomes a creamy shade. Previously, you need to give the merengue cup shape with a spoon. Put a sorbet ball in a ready-made, slightly chilled protein mold. Decorate with cream, whole or cut berries, almond leaves.

Do I need to buy an ice cream maker?

If you do homemade ice cream or sorbet in large quantities and want to reduce your labor costs, buy a special unit. By doing this, you will spare yourself the need to mix up the prepared treat every half hour. It is very important for the texture of sorbet and ice cream to freeze. There are two types of similar devices - those that need pre-cooling, and those that can immediately be plugged into the network and cooked.

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