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Wallets made of genuine leather for women. Branded leather wallets: prices, photos

A stylish and beautiful accessory - a purse - should be in the purse of every modern girl. It can be a trendy copy of bright colors or a refined classic. Big or small, dark or light, with cash or cards - it does not matter. Every girl should be able to select an accessory according to her status. About what kind of wallets are more convenient and how to choose them, it will be discussed below.

Is the purse a luxury or a necessity?

In recent years, wallets of genuine leather, women's, men's, children's - have been very popular - you can buy anything you like. Among the huge variety of models distinguish the following main types of these accessories:

  • Wallet - used to store notes. Initially, this model was not equipped with a compartment for coins, but these days the variety of models is surprising. They can be found as a compartment for small items, as well as special compartments for credit cards, business cards, photographs or even documents.
  • The purse is traditionally a men's purse, but today there are many beautiful and elegant options for women.
  • Clamp for money - a compact male accessory for storing paper money. Sometimes the clip has a compartment for business cards or credit cards.
  • A coin purse is a purse with a zipper or a latch for small items, which can be used to store paper money, keys and other small items. Usually does not have offices.

For lovely ladies

Girls and grown-up ladies love beautiful leather purses. Women's habits - to buy bright, shiny and decorated accessories. They can be decorated with:

- Latch and rivet;

- lightning;

- buttons and buttons;

- Buckles;

- bows;

- laces;

- rhinestone or stones;

- fasteners of unusual shapes;

- applications.

Schoolgirls and students, young graduates of high schools, mothers in the decree like to stand out from the crowd due to colorful accessories and details. But businesswomen and serious adult women choose black, brown or red wallets without special delicacies.

Leather wallets - female weaknesses

In the arsenal of women usually have a few large or small bags, for each of them you can find a suitable for size and color purse. Its form can be:

- rectangular elongated;

- square;

- rounded trapezoidal;

- in the form of a business cardholder;

- in the form of a housekeeper or a coin.

It is very nice to keep wallets made of genuine leather. Female and male models are made of different materials, it can be leather:

- the lamb;

- veal;

- crocodile;

- snake;

- sharks;

- sea rays.

Depending on the type of material, the price of wallets can be from 2000 rubles and above. But copies of brands can be bought for 1500 rubles. But well-known models of manual work can cost 6000-10000 rubles.

Men's Wallets

Young people value convenience and functionality, so men's leather wallets have these qualities. Most often they are black or brown, with different shades. Men prefer a thin purse, which easily fit into the pockets of pants. For some, it is important that the purse had a compartment for driving licenses and documents. The compartment for coins is absolutely not an important part of this accessory, just like the type of lock. Men like to wear only paper bills or credit cards. Therefore, men's leather wallets look usually quite strictly and concisely.

Quality and period of use

The quality and duration of use of these accessories is primarily affected by the material of the product and the country of manufacture. Italian wallets made of genuine leather will undoubtedly last more than one year. Leather products can not only effectively complement the everyday image, but also to please for many years with its noble air. In addition, the accessories - zippers, buttons and locks, which are used in these accessories - has a high wear resistance. But do not forget that you do not need to pull and open the wallet sharply.

Branded leather wallets, fashion trends

Every known company has its own peculiarity or peculiarity. With the advent of the new season in collections there are stylish models of wallets. But almost all brands are recognizable due to some detail, it can be a color, rivet, logo or decoration. For example:

1. Hermes is one of the most recognizable brands. Among the goods are bags, belts, wallets with a metal letter H.

2. Bottega Veneta - models of this company have woven design and classical forms. They differ in refinement, high price.

3. Celine - French models of laconic design, with a golden small inscription.

4. Chanel. The logo of this company is known to everyone, and the products are made with impeccable taste and are appropriate in any situation.

5. Prada. Prada purses can be elegant, naughty, fashionable or conservative. They always differ in the novelty of the idea.

6. Louis Vuitton - dark brown, white, black, and other colors with the letters LV, can be in the box.

7. Burberry. The color scheme of accessories includes a cage of beige, black, red and white colors.

The best gift for a birthday, for the New Year or the eighth of March will be wallets made of genuine leather. Women's hearts must melt away from such gifts.

How to attract money

There are several people's perceptions, according to which, you can easily increase the amount of money in your wallet. To do this, you must follow a number of simple rules:

  • You can not have a purse empty, you need to put one coin in there and never remove it.
  • In the smallest branch of the wallet you need to store 1 dollar, folded in a triangle.
  • Keep the money you need smooth, straightening the bent corners, carefully folding bills in order. It is advisable to get rid of small bills, leaving only large ones.
  • You can keep in your wallet the bones from dates or three coins with holes, connected by a red thread.
  • Do not store in these accessories accounts, checks - they attract embezzlement.

Skeptics do not believe in signs, but believe that you need to work, think with your head, set goals and achieve them. Earning enough money, you can afford to buy yourself a few wallets and not only. Do not fixate on the calculation of money and thoughtlessly believe in all the signs.

What should be the wallets of genuine leather

Women's bags and wallets of famous brands always have smooth seams, a beautiful lining, a pleasant fragrance. The design uses strong, no-clasp fasteners, zippers or buttons that do not scratch and do not rip the skin around the edges of the product. The skin itself is colored with natural dyes and does not leave marks on the hands, clothes or lining of the bag.

Today, there are many inaccurate falsifications: threads stick out, traces of glue are visible or there is a specific smell. In addition, products made of poor-quality materials can cause allergic reactions: irritation or redness of hands and body. It is worth to carefully choose the goods before buying and consider it from all sides.

This accessory should be comfortable and roomy, combined with a bag or suit the style of its owner. Different age groups of women have their favorite wallets in color and shape. Leather red, large-sized (to get the whole bill) love middle-aged women.

It is believed that the red color attracts positive energy and money. Gold and silver tones symbolize precious metals. The wallet can also be brown, black or greenish. These colors symbolize the earth, plants and greens, that is fertility.

Always relevant are wallets of dark colors, they do not get dirty and come up to any clothes and bag. And for light products will need special care.

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