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Vip-class cat lodge

A cat is an animal proud and freedom-loving. Despite the fact that she is not averse to luxuriate in the hands of the owner, she needs to have her own personal space. Without a doubt, her favorite corner in your house will be a special cat lodge. True, the problem can arise with the choice of such nests, because the assortment of these products in the pet store is truly huge.

Let's try to figure out which houses for a cat are most suitable for your apartment, will cause the least damage to your wallet and, of course, will be convenient for your pet.

Calm and phlegmatic cats, who are prone to meditation in solitude, are most suited classical houses, equipped with a roof and a single lazom. Here the animal will feel calm and comfortable. This is especially important for cats who live in families, where there are small children, now and then, trying to cuddle a pet.

Very good classic houses and for pregnant animals, of course, provided that they will not have high catwalks. However, the best cat lodge in the event that the offspring is expected is a home-transformer, from which it is possible (if necessary) to remove the roof, which will allow the owners to monitor the condition of the cat and kittens.

Unlike the first two models, the house-scratching houses perform two functions at once: it is a cozy home for your pet and a place for grinding the claws. This cat's house is more dimensional, but he will accustom your pet to a certain sleeping place and help protect expensive wallpaper from the sharp claws of a cat. Try to make your pet love your new home. This will help you valerian - drip 2-3 drops on the nail and the house.

Another interesting cat lodge is the gaming complex. This structure, consisting of several structures, is suitable for young and quick animals. This house has a playground, sometimes multi-level, scratching, hanging toys. It will suit those owners who have several cats. It is not necessary to buy different houses - in such a "residential complex" it will be cozy and comfortable for several animals at once. Despite the multifunctionality of such a design, it is usually very compact, so you can always choose the appropriate one in accordance with the size of the room in which they intend to place it.

The world market of products for animals is diverse. Today for your pet you can buy a unique complex of the company Catrix (Netherlands). Probably, this is the most versatile gaming (and residential) design for cats. It is assembled from individual parts like a designer, without the aid of any tool, nails, braces, etc. So you can collect a whole sports town for a fluffy mischief.

No matter what kind of catteries you choose (photos of possible options are presented in the article), your pet will be grateful to you for the love and care. The cat will stop climbing into your bed, leave furniture and wallpaper alone. You will cease cleaning the sofas and armchairs daily from the wool. Buy your favorite pet house - you will be satisfied and your four-legged friend!

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