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Choose the original curtains on the windows

Today it is difficult to find a person who doubts the need for window decoration with curtains. Nowadays there are several types of curtains, which have a huge number of stylistic and color solutions. Thanks to this you will be able to choose curtains for windows under any interior and style. They are made from different fabrics, which differ in texture and density.

Curtains can be divided by the method of fastening, as well as by decorative features.

Curtains sliding

This is the most common and popular type of curtains, which consists of two panels, fixed on the cornice. They move freely around it. Typically, with such curtains hang a light curtain of tulle, veil or organza. These curtains on the windows (the photo you see in this article) are found in every house and differ only in fabric and color. If you prefer individuality and originality, then this model, most likely, will not suit you.

Roman curtains

It is a cloth of fabric, gathered in horizontal folds with the help of a lace or chain. They are made of different fabrics, sometimes painted or ornamented. Such curtains on the windows, in addition to performing their main function, are also an interesting decorative decoration of the interior. They will fit perfectly into the modern design of the apartment.

Japanese Curtains

Original and unusual window curtains are designed for creative natures. They will help to realize the most original and unexpected ideas in the interior. These are vertical panels that move freely with a cord or chain. They can have different widths. Narrow panels (not more than 15 cm wide) can rotate around the axis according to the principle of the blind. Sometimes they are called rope blinds. There is a large selection of textures and colors, which can be applied to any ornament, depending on the interior of the room.

Roller blinds (screens)

This kind of curtains on the windows is a folding canvas, which is best used on windows of small size. Above it is installed a cylindrical body, equipped with a special mechanism. In the cylinder is a folded curtain.

Rope or thread curtains

This kind of curtains appeared relatively recently, but has already proved itself as a very interesting and alternative way of window decoration. Today they are available in a variety of options - monochrome and multicolored, of different texture, with beads or knots. Delicate and delicate, these curtains are the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. Supporters of the classic interior, this type of curtains can be selected in the traditional version, namely, without beads and knots. In this case, the emphasis should be on selecting the desired shade.

Curtains on two windows

If in your room two windows are located on the same wall, then they can be decorated with one eaves on both windows. And you can arrange the canvas in different ways. Try to hang one common curtain for the two windows, and on the sides place the curtains. You can use two cornices and make one curtain as a reflection of the other.

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