Volumetric letters. With our own hands we are making a unique gift

A gift made by oneself is always exclusive, beautiful and sincere. Such a gift is kept especially anxiously and carefully. Ideas of original handmade gifts are many. But today we offer you another interesting version of the gift - voluminous letters. Making their own hands them - the process is not difficult, but very pleasant and exciting. In this article, we will tell you the simplest ways in the execution of the methods. Study all the information and make sure that this direction in needlework deserves attention.

For whom and for what reason?

Before learning to do voluminous letters with your own hands, let's determine who you want to give them to and what a celebration. Based on these data, you can choose the method of manufacturing the product.

If the letters are intended for the child, they should preferably be made of fabric (knitwear, cotton, plush, felt). The finished product turns out to be soft, warm, pleasant to the touch and absolutely safe. Such a letter can serve as a toy, and a pillow, and a decoration for the children's room.

Volumetric letters, made by hand for an adult person, can be made of cardboard, plywood, wood, foam. And then zadekorirovat at will. If the product is intended for gifting, then on the letter it is possible to carry out a surprise pouch in which the gift will lie: money, a ticket to the theater, a note with wishes or a rest package.

On the wedding day, a great gift for the newlyweds will also be voluminous letters. With your hands, you can make them and present them on the eve of the wedding. Such decor is very popular today in decorating the place of celebration of the celebration and photo session. Letters can be put not only the names of newlyweds, but also the words "love", "happiness", etc. To make such attributes for a wedding celebration it is possible both soft, and firm. The main thing is to get them fixed in an upright position.

How to make volumetric letters?

The cloth. On paper, make full-sized letters. Cloth fold twice with the wrong side outward. Drag the templar onto it, fasten it with pins and draw the pattern with chalk. Cut the workpieces, leaving allowances on the seams. Consider the fact that the pattern should be transferred in a mirror position, so that after you turn out the workpieces, the letters are in the right perspective. Stitch the seams, leaving holes in the bottom of the product. Turn out the blanks, fill them with filler (sintepon, holofayber). Sew a hole with a neat suture. Now it remains only to decorate your soft three-dimensional letters. With your hands, you can make appliqués of fabric, embroidery, decor of satin ribbons and bows.

Tree. Large letters can be made from plywood or wooden bars. The first option is easier. On the plywood draw letters, cut them with a jig saw and clean it with sandpaper. To give the product volume can be in different ways: wrap the letters with a thick layer of twine, yarn, ribbons. You can glue with natural materials (caps of acorns, shells, pebbles). Extraordinarily beautiful effect is obtained if you decorate the product with cereals or pasta in the form of sprockets, wheels, spiral, and then cover with golden or silver paint from the can.

Styrofoam. From this material, light three-dimensional letters are obtained. With your own hands, the execution of such a product takes several hours, and the result will be stunning. On a thick piece of foam, draw the letters and cut them with a construction knife. Place where the material crumbles, sand it with sandpaper. Then use a hot gun or glue to decorate the entire surface of the letters with plain white paper. Now you can make out the letters at will: cloth, floral net, wrapping paper, artificial flowers, ribbons.

Backlight. If volumetric letters will be used as decor of a festive room, then they can be supplemented with electric garlands. To do this, use an adhesive tape to attach the Christmas tree lighting to the outline of the letters. Pull the cord to the outlet. When the garland turns on, the letters sparkle with beautiful multicolored lights.

Make big letters with your own hands for the next holiday. And let the result please you, and your friends and relatives will bring to full delight. Creative success!

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