Weaving baskets from newspapers is a useful hobby

Recently, a hobby such as weaving objects from newspaper tubes becomes extremely popular. For this kind of needlework the same technique is used as for weaving from a vine, only the material should not be looked for, it is literally at hand.

Weaving baskets from newspapers. Necessary materials

Let's list all that is needed for work:

- newspapers or magazines;

- scissors;

- PVA glue;

- long knitting needle No. 1,5 (these are usually used for knitting socks);

- crochet hook;

- clothespins;

- water - based paint or stain;

- acrylic lacquer.

Experienced craftsmen say that weaving baskets from newspapers will be more successful if we use the basis for work. You will braid it, and the basket will not be shapeless.

Weaving baskets from the newspaper. Preparation of tubules

Weaving baskets from newspapers requires preparation. The longest, laborious and monotonous work in weaving from newspapers is the preparation of tubes. To begin with, use scissors to cut newspaper and magazine sheets into strips about 9 centimeters wide. Then, put the needle on the corner of the strip and begin to twist the paper at an angle of 45 degrees - this is how the optimal tube for weaving density will work. It will bend well, but keep the shape of the product.

When almost all the newspaper strip is wound on the spoke, you need to drop a small amount of PVA glue onto the corner and glue it for fixing. If you did everything correctly, you will see that the ends of the newspaper tube differ: one wider than the other. Thanks to this, you can extend the tube by simply inserting one into the other and adding glue. When the required number of tubes is ready, they will need to be flattened, for this, the blanks need to be laid out on the table and several times to be traversed by a rolling pin.

Weaving baskets from newspapers. Let's start the process

The very weaving of baskets from newspapers is a much more fun and creative process than preparing tubes. First you need to determine the type of product. Traditionally, baskets are made round or square, but experienced needlewomen can experiment with weaving baskets. From newspapers you can create a variety of forms.

The bottom for the first products are advised not to weave, but made of cardboard. It is necessary to cut out two identical parts and to stick newspaper sticks around the perimeter or circle at equal distance to one of them. It is necessary to use an odd number of tubes. From the top we glue the second cardboard part and put the load so that the bottom of the basket is properly sealed. It is best to leave the stock at night.

Now we need to take a long tube, glue it to the base, fix it with a clothespin and begin to weave the basket from the newspaper. Pass the tubes alternately under and above the base sticks so that in one row the newspaper tube lies in front of the main stick, and in the next it passes behind it. When you reach the desired height of the product, weaving the basket is almost complete. Tube-base should be bent inside the product, using a hook to start under several cross rows and cut, glue with glue and secure with clothespins.

It remains only to cover the basket with several layers of paint and acrylic lacquer, and the result of your work will be ready!

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