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Special gift to my son for 5 years

Children are a special people: charming, inquisitive and very grateful. Try, find among adults such a person who would genuinely be happy with a simple homemade greeting card or a pack of ice cream as a gift. And the kids are happy. The world for them has not yet narrowed to the trivial material, they still know how to see the huge in the small. And this is huge - love.

In addition, that children are unique - all, without exception, each mother gives her child even more special traits. He is for her the most intelligent, the most beautiful, the most well-read, the most active ... The list can be continued indefinitely. And if so - the most special of the children are supposed to give non-ordinary gifts.

First round date

It's a bit weird that the five-year period is referred to the so-called round dates (some experts on the jubilees are considered round and numbers that are multiples of five). But since such a celebration is a child, it is necessary that the holiday is a success and remembered.

And the main issue preceding the holiday of several weeks will be: "Which one to choose Gift to my son for 5 years? "

Even for the most relatives - moms and dads who know their son better than other relatives, the choice will not be easy. Machine give trite, especially since the children's already formed a mini-car park, the tablet - even trite, although it is in some ways and a necessity. So what then?

You start with the age characteristics and preferences of the son: modern preschool children are very creative, they gladly learn the world, are fond of everything and immediately, but with an emphasis on what they are most interested in.

A bright children's encyclopedia with pictures, cognitive-developing game, sports equipment (soccer ball or even a Swedish wall), a device for making popcorn - all this your son will perceive with equal enthusiasm.

What a birthday without an interesting congratulation?

Just give a gift, getting off the trivial "congratulations", it is undesirable. The kid at this age should already understand that material presents should be accompanied by a sincere, sincere wish that in the future he will not be stinted in kind words, do not hesitate to pronounce them and know how to find them.

Handing a gift to my son for 5 years, Tell him what he expects of you. For example, how big he is and how proud you are that he knows the whole alphabet. It will be very pleasant to the kid to hear praise in the address in the form of congratulations from the most authoritative in family of the family - parents, moreover and in the presence of visitors.

Do not lose relevance and congratulations from the mouth of the movie or multigero. Animators invited to children's holidays, perfectly know their business: both voice and manners - everything will be the way the son used to see on the screen. Only this time - for him personally.

If the original greeting to the son for 5 years is read by Spider-Man, Washcloth-Bob or pirate of the Caribbean Sea, the baby will be pleasantly impressed.

And the cake will be?

It's probably only moms perceive cake as A gift to his son for 5 years - birthday people see in the confectionery art a treat and no more. If the cake is ordinary, then so it will be - no emotions in boys standard cakes with cream flowers do not cause. Is it disappointing: is it for the little ones or for the girls?

In order not to spoil the almost festive mood and justify his expectations, build (or order) a real boy's cake. Usually at this age, boys adore cars and cartoons about them. The hero from "Wheelbarrows" is perfect for decorating dessert. Popular cakes in the form of a soccer ball, a ship, a shark, a knight's castle or a panorama of a night city with a figure of Superman.

When ordering, remember that the boys grow up quickly, and the cake For 5 years his son in the form of a locomotive from Romashkovo will already be perceived by him as something out of age.

All in rhyme!

If the parents have talented children, then the festive event will turn out to be boring, the child will feel that he is the central person at the celebration. True, the triumph of a children's birthday can only be called conditionally - it's a drive, unrestrained fun, a lot of noise and freedom.

But even this holiday does not exclude the reading of poetry. But not on his birthday, when he in the old manner entertains guests, climbing up on a stool, and from the guests to the originator of the celebration as a gift.

Stishok son for 5 years - an original, pleasant and very appropriate gift from the parents.

Samples can be:

Dear our Igorek!

How did you grow up, son.

And how clever you became,

I've read so many books!

How do you please us,

How happy we are now,

That we have such one-

The best son in the world!


A person is exactly five!

Rejoice, guys!

Greetings sound,

Spray of lemonade

Flew off like a salute,

"Happie bezdey" everyone is singing.

And they wish everything to you

Happiness is joy in destiny.

And, of course, to grow up,

Strong, kind, courageous to become!

Impressions - this is a gift!

There is no boy in the world, indifferent to adventure. All of them dream of the seas, flights, trips. So arrange an amazing epic, without waiting for the son to grow up.

The best gift for a son for 5 years for his birthday is sensations: flying in a wind tunnel or traveling in a ball (zorbing), or go-karting, or flying in a balloon. And if you want to completely surprise your son and give him very vivid impressions, order a riding lesson or swimming with dolphins for him.

All these entertainments are safe for the baby, since they are conducted under the control of specialists, and go-karting, zorbing and aerial can be performed together. Fly with Dad or "run through", packed in a transparent sphere, with my mother - this is the pastime, this is a birthday!

If your baby, like a cartoon, dreams of a dog - give it to him. The son can already be held responsible for the "junior", he will be happy to engage in the education of the puppy.

Amazing homemade products

The times when my mother could create a gift for her son with her own hands, only having picked up the knitting needles and tied warm socks, mittens or scarf, passed. Although a beautiful scarf with mittens remain in the top.

The five-year-old does not yet perceive clothes as a gift. For him, she, no matter how cute, is a convenient and necessary thing, for the acquisition of which one does not need to wait for the holiday.

Much more can please the son, brightly decorated with a wooden horse, which his father made, or carving an original postcard from the cardboard. Even five-year-olds begin to feel like men when they receive a smart postcard in the form of a checkered shirt (like a dad's) or a denim pouch with a label on which is a congratulation or a simple book that reveals that they see an amazing pattern of balls jumping up a funny little man , A climbing plane.

If you do not include imagination, then a gift to your son for 5 years will be Look like a tablet or laptop - no more. And if you try, you can bring the greatest joy to the child with the most usual and inexpensive things.

What do the boys dream about?

On toys, but not about those that they gave in the first four years. The son has already grown out of them, although he will gladly accept a non-standard soft animal or little man as a gift. Let it be some troll with long legs and cunning expression or a footballer from the cartoon - boys at the age of five begin to look for toys in character.

But if there are none of those with the character, make another dream of your son: race tracks with miniature copies of real cars, a railway, various sets, similar to serious and "adults" - for a young mechanic or locksmith. Still all the boys really like modeling. To assemble an airplane, a ship, a car with the help of adults, and then put it on public display - the ultimate dream of five-year-old tomboy, ready to become obedient and plodding.

Choose something from this list - make the best gift to your son on New Year's Eve, for example. Or for a birthday. Or just like that.

What to guide when choosing?

Carefully ask your son what he would like most. Suddenly you are mistaken, and instead of the bicycle you planned, the child dreams of a small library of a young geographer or dreams of a collection of disks with computer games.

Your son's desire plays a decisive role in the choice. A imposed gift ... Perhaps he will please the baby for a while, but then he will abandon him and again he will dream of his own, never given.

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