What to cover the lining inside the house: the choice of material and the features of the procedure

If you decide to do repairs in the house and have chosen a wooden finishing material, then later it will require additional processing. If you do not know what to cover the lining inside the house, this article will help you decide.

First, we'll deal with the material itself. The lining is made of high-quality wood and is intended for finishing both exterior and interior surfaces of the house. Its main advantage is naturalness. In addition, it is durable, environmentally friendly, provides thermal and sound insulation, and also has an excellent appearance. In principle, the material presented does not always require additional processing, although this procedure will help increase the service life of the elements.

If you have not decided what to cover the lining inside the house, then try to pay attention to those funds that are as safe as possible for health and will not release toxic substances into the premises. First of all, the presented material requires treatment with an antiseptic. The lining made of pine contains tar, which is a natural protective agent. However, they act only from within. On the outer surface of the material should be applied a special antiseptic, which will protect the lining not only from negative effects (steam, moisture, temperature changes), but also from damage by insects.

If you chose an antiseptic, but do not know what to cover the lining inside the house further, then you can use the AQUALAK. This tool will help maximize the protection of the wall surface, as well as highlight the features of the texture of the elements. If the lining is on the floor, then alkyd lacquer can be used , which has good strength, resistance to erasure. In addition, the product does not contain harmful chemical and toxic elements. It will perfectly emphasize the appearance and shade of the surface, make it more juicy and bright.

Before you cover the lining inside the house with lacquer, you should determine whether it should have any shade. Most often preference is given to colorless substances that do not spoil the natural shade of the material. Although there are such tools that can make the color of the lining darker.

However, there are cases that the owners do not want to cover the surface with lacquer, as they tend to make their home brighter and more colorful. To get the desired effect, you can use colored paint for interior decoration. Before you paint the lining inside the house, determine whether the chosen shade harmonizes with the overall interior and furniture. Choose a paint that is safe for health, and eventually will not release into the air toxins. For example, water-based formulations can be used.

If you have already decided what to cover the lining, then before work should carefully prepare the base: remove the old coating, clean the surface, putty, soak it and coat with a primer. If the previous layer of paint is kept very well, you should only wash it with 2% soda solution. Apply a thin coat of paint and prevent the formation of streaks.

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