How to plant a spruce on the site? How to plant a tree

Coniferous plants are the pride of any infield, especially their beauty stands out clearly against the background of winter snow. Almost every gardener would like to have on his territory a green beauty that would please those around with a neat decorative look. How to plant a spruce on the site, so that it successfully started and pleased everyone with its beauty for a long time? It is worth knowing several important rules of planting and cultivation, which require a special approach; In any case, caring for Christmas trees, which can even be called elite, is always interesting and brings a lot of joy.

Proper preparation of seedlings

Spruce, the care of which has a number of specific features, has a core root growing in depth within 10-15 years of life. Over time, it dies off, causing the increased growth of lateral roots in width. Based on this principle, in order not to damage the root system when digging a tree, a young plant of small size should be chosen for planting, which is easier to dig and easier to transport. How to plant a spruce on the site? What it is necessary to know the subtleties in the care of a coniferous tree? It is worth remembering that a coniferous tree is excavated with a solid earth clod, which can be wrapped in burlap. By the way, the preservation of an earthy coma on the roots of a plant is an important factor in its future development, because the roots live symbiotic fungi, which promote the optimal assimilation of useful microelements from the soil by the tree. Roots of spruce should be active, that is, have white tips. Barefoot can also be compared to an open wound: the longer they remain open, the less chance the plant has for survival.

Fineness of planting spruce

Blue spruce, the price of which is considerable (from 3000 to 10 000 rubles - depending on the age of the tree), is sold in nurseries; When you purchase it, you should take into account the above tips, then the guarantee of survival of the tree will be quite high. You can, of course, try to grow coniferous beauty from seeds yourself, but it's so difficult and laborious process that stretches not for one year, it will be easier to take advantage of the fruits of someone else's labor and buy a ready seedling.

The planting of spruce in the garden area is recommended in late April-early May (the period when the kidneys are still in a state of sleep, the earth is warm, but not too hot); This is the moment when the tree will receive the least stress, which for him is a transplant.

Preparing a landing pit

How to plant a spruce on the site? The pit for planting should be prepared in advance, at least for a couple of weeks. For a large specimen, its size in diameter is usually 1 meter and depth is 60-70 cm. The optimum for planting will be soil from a planned site for this purpose, mixed in half with the soil from the place where the herringbone grew before transplantation. The pit should be filled with a mixture of humus and compost, it is also recommended to add bone meal and pine needles, put drainage on the bottom (15-cm layer of broken brick). Some gardeners from the best of reasons add more mineral fertilizers, but they are better to use in the spring period, when it really becomes clear that the spruce began to grow stronger.

If a few trees are planned to be planted, the distance between them should not be less than 2-2.5 meters.

Planting process: description

A consistent description of how to plant a spruce on a plot is correct and in accordance with all its features:

  1. Seedling of a coniferous tree should be accurately placed on a slightly settled hillock of fertile soil, well spreading the roots. To deepen it at a constant growth site should be 2-4 cm more than at the previous landing. The earth clod, in which the coniferous beauty is located, should fit freely in the landing pit.
  2. Spruce, slightly elevated, should be covered with earth and well compacted. The place where the trunk passes into the roots (root neck) should be located at the level of the soil surface.
  3. It is desirable to preserve the plant's previous position relative to the sides of the world when planting. This can be done by marking the branches, for example, on the north side, and planting the tree on the site according to this feature.
  4. Near the planted tree, you need to dig a peg to which to attach the young spruce with a twine.
  5. Around the seedlings, a roller should be made from the ground to save water after watering and forming a space for applying mulch (from sawdust, wood chips and others) to the area of the trickle circle in order to protect the upper soil layer from drying out.

Watering rules

Spruce in the suburban area should be very well watered: the first time when planting, then with regularity 1-2 times a week. Watering is carried out at the root until the earth ceases to absorb moisture. After each humidification it is recommended to loosen or mulch the soil of the truncated circles. Do not use sprinklers and sprinklers; Their action can trigger the dumping of needles even in an adult, long-established plant. In the winter-spring period, watering for a planted spruce is not necessary, natural precipitation will suffice for its growth. The first sign of a living seedling is the appearance of a young growth. For example, the annual growth of blue spruce is 10-30 cm.

The best plant survival will be determined by its shading during the summer, which can be organized with the help of the most basic canopy of gauze.

It is not recommended to plant the fir trees near other plants, because gradually growing roots will start to take away moisture from other representatives of the flora. Near the house, the spruce is also not recommended to plant, because it is characterized by poor resistance to winds and at one adverse moment it can simply fall on the dwelling.

Pruning and shaping the tree crown

Blue spruce, the price of which is relatively high in nurseries, requires quality care for the crown. In the spring and autumn the tree needs to be rid of sick, dry and broken branches. When growing spruce for decorative purposes, you can take care of the formation of its crown, pruning the branches for 10-15 cm. The first haircut is made in the year the tree is planted, the next - with a break of 2-3 years.

Very beautiful and neat look fir trees planted along the roads or on the border of the site. Closing the house from prying eyes, they enliven the site with their needles. Many try to grow spruce at home in a pot, but this is wrong: the plant needs natural conditions with winter frosts and a warm sun. Survival spruce at planting is relatively low, but with a positive result, a coniferous tree will deliver aesthetic pleasure to its owners and their guests.

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