Bilberry Garden: planting and caring for the plant

Berries of bilberries have incredible taste qualities, they are liked to be eaten fresh and recycled. From the fruits you get a delicious jam, jams, compotes; Berries freeze, dry or dry. Bilberry garden, planting and care which has a number of features, is an excellent medicinal raw material, because it contains organic acids, vitamins B1, C, A, pectin and tannins. Due to so many positive properties, growing of blueberries in gardeners is gaining popularity. However, not everyone knows how to do it right.

Planting blueberry bushes

Ironically, blueberry bushes can rarely be found on sale. Because blueberries and blueberries are very similar, sometimes one is given for another. What to do in this situation? You can dig a bush out of the forest and put it in your dacha. It is important to dig out only a young plant and together with a clod of earth. The optimal time for transplantation is the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. Forest bilberry bushes are planted in loose acidic soil (peat turf or its mixture with sawdust, fallen pine needles, bark, foliage or sand). For 1 bucket of soil mixture add 2-3 grams of sulfur, and before planting the ground watered with water mixed with food acid. Plant bushes followed by rows, the distance between which should be 2 meters. The landing pit should be 50x60, and its depth - no more than 45 cm.

Care for blueberry bushes

Bilberry garden, planting and care for which are very careful, requires regular (once a month) watering with the addition of acid (lemon, oxalic, acetic or apple). The soil layer of 10-15 cm should be constantly wet, but not wet. In order to keep moisture better, you can mulch the earth with bark, sawdust, foliage or fallen pine needles. The layer of mulch should reach 3-5 cm. Bilberry garden, planting and caring for which is being done incorrectly, for example, with waterlogging of the soil for two days, may well die. Drying also affects it not in the best way. The plant should grow in shaded areas, under trees. If this is impossible to provide, and blueberries will grow in the sun, in the summer the bushes need to be sprayed from the spray gun 3-4 times a day, so that they do not perish from the withers. Culture is well tolerated by frosts, so it is not required for winter shelter. You can not plant blueberry bushes under fruit trees, because the plant does not tolerate organic fertilizers. But the pines and deciduous trees as a shelter from the heat are quite suitable.

Pruning of Bilberry Garden

Blueberry bushes are located to cut off the bony growths, weak and diseased branches. Such a procedure will have an extremely favorable effect on how the garden blueberry will bear fruit. Planting and caring for this culture is not particularly difficult, and the harvest from one bush can be collected even 2 times per summer with an interval of 2 weeks. Blueberry bushes are very decorative, so you can cut them not only to get a rich harvest, but also to create a unique design of the infield.

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