Effective folk remedies for allergies

Allergy, in fact, is a malfunction in the human immune system, manifested by a protective reaction to a seemingly innocuous substance, for example, animal hair, flower pollen , etc. Symptoms may be different: runny nose, itching, rash, fever. But in any case they are quite unpleasant and interfere with living a full life. In addition, the complications arising from inaction can threaten not only health, but also human life. A trip to a specialist in this case is inevitable, but there are effective people's remedies for allergies, which are recommended to be recommended only after consultation with a specialist.

If there is a reaction to flowering, then you can use the following method. In a glass of water, 10 drops of motherwort or valerian tincture are diluted, the resulting solution is gelled with a throat. It is also recommended during an exacerbation to take a shower as often as possible, this will help alleviate the symptoms.

People's remedies for allergy are used most often at the same time as taking medications, so you should be careful with the components of both traditional drugs and herbal preparations. For example, the next infusion can help. In equal proportions, the grass of the sequence, the grass root and elecampane, the sage leaves and the flowers of the viburnum are taken. Everything is poured with boiling water, it is insisted for at least 8 hours, filtered and drunk before meals in several receptions.

It should be noted that folk methods of treating allergies are very diverse. Since ancient times, many medicinal herbs, plants, trees have been used to get rid of many diseases, which are quite accessible. For example, raspberries growing in cottages and household plots can help. 50 grams of roots of this plant are poured with half a liter of water, brought to a boil and left in a small fire for 40 minutes. A decoction of 2 tablespoons is taken 3 times a day. Treatment should be continued for at least a month. Store the filtered broth recommended in the refrigerator. This method will help to remove seizures and reduce the symptoms of such symptoms as rash or itching.

There is also a treatment of allergy in children by folk remedies, many of which also contribute to the strengthening of immunity. Cones of hops are used for this purpose . A quarter of a glass of chopped cones is poured into a glass of boiling water, leave to infuse for an hour. The ready infusion is filtered, taken inside by a tablespoon per day.

From a cold caused by an allergy, it is recommended to boil the field horsetail. The spoon of the crushed plant is added to the boiling water, it is insisted 20 minutes and taken inside. Help to get rid of the disease and such folk remedies for allergies, like beets and sunflower seeds. It is believed that if a day to eat half a glass of raw unsalted sunflower seeds, then the ailment can go away. Red beets are recommended for food in any form, but also daily.

Cure St. John's wort seasonal allergy . In order to cook it, you need fresh grass, which is put in a liter jar (you need to fill half the can). To the top of the dishes St. John's wort is poured with vodka. The tincture is left for 3 weeks. Then the received drink is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. It is recommended to take it on a teaspoon in the morning and before bedtime.

From an allergy to dust, the next herbal remedy is advised. 2 tablespoons of rose hips and 3 tablespoons of dandelion roots are ground. Here are added 3 spoons of St. John's wort, horsetail and golden yarrow. Herbs are poured cold water and left for the night. In the morning the broth is brought to a boil, after which it is insisted for another 4 hours and filtered. Drink a third of the glass before eating. Alcohol at this time is contraindicated.

Among other things, folk remedies for allergies are much cheaper than most medicines, and their effectiveness is almost the same.

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