How to provoke childbirth. Medical and folk methods

In gynecology, it is considered that the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. However, there are deviations from the norm, babies can be born earlier or later than the specified period. In many women full-term babies are born approximately at the 37-38th week. If the birth began earlier, then they are called premature. And it happens that the 40th week is already running out, and the kid does not hurry to meet Mom. What to do? This is what will be discussed.

The medical way of calling labor

Although today the pregnancy is considered to be the norm, which lasts more than 40 weeks, nevertheless doctors decide to call for a generic activity. Especially if the fetus is already pregnant for 42 weeks. How to provoke childbirth in a hospital? There are several ways. The first - with the help of sticks of kelp. Laminaria is a seaweed. Sticks are installed by the doctor in the right place and after, increasing in size, in the most wonderful way prepare the cervix for future birth. How they do this, doctors still do not give a clear explanation. But the fact remains. In most cases, the pregnant woman turns into a happy child. However, how to provoke childbirth, if the sticks did not cope with their task? It happens. In this case, a decision is made to make an amniotomy. This is an artificial opening of the bladder, which will result in a discharge of amniotic fluid. The procedure is absolutely painless, does not cause discomfort and unpleasant sensations in a woman. Produce an amniotomy only if the cervix is in a mature state. How to provoke childbirth, if labor activity did not occur after the opening of the bladder? Now only stimulant drugs that are administered intravenously will help.

We take a decision consciously

Of course, a pregnant woman does not want to leave her home and move to a hospital ward in anticipation of childbirth. At home, it is surrounded by close people, a loving and caring husband all the time. And the pregnant woman begins to study various ways how to cause childbirth at home. Of course, folk methods are very helpful. However, we want to warn that such experiments can lead to unpleasant consequences. The pregnant woman should be aware that she can harm herself and the baby, causing childbirth at home. It is especially dangerous to do this if the pregnancy was not very calm and successful. Anything can happen: fast and rapid births, bleeding, fetal loss, and simple deterioration of the mother's condition. In a word, be vigilant.

Calling for childbirth at home

If you all have thought about it and are already 40 weeks pregnant, how to cause childbirth, we'll tell you. More precisely, we will acquaint ourselves with folk methods. And there are plenty of them. The first and most effective is to have sexual intercourse. If for some reason the pregnant or spouse does not want to do this, you can put an enema. Talking about how to provoke birth, it is worth paying attention to this method. Start cleaning and wash the floors in the entire apartment. Hard? But folk healers claim that any physical load will come close to the cherished goal. Do not want to clean? Anyway. Then you eat the grapes. He will cause strong urge to go to the toilet. Believe me, after this very soon the first fights will begin.

Draw conclusions

Of course, every pregnant mother would rather want to see her baby, who has been growing in the tummy for so long. But we want to warn again. The child knows when he needs to be born. These are the laws of Mother Nature. Calling family activities at home, a woman exposes herself and the baby's dangers. Think about whether to take chances? Maybe it's better to go to the hospital and wait for the birth of a baby, under the supervision of qualified doctors.

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