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Games on the Internet, or What to play online today?

With the invention of computers in the human world, computer games also entered. Simple, complex, based on movies, books or just invented from scratch. Black and white, color. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional. All of them were perfected in the same way as computers were perfected. And all because a person always wanted "bread and circuses." And every time in all this I wanted something new. So games have genres, a plot, various modes for participation. But people always longed for something better.

Despite the skill of developers, computer opponents still did not impress the players. They wanted to fight with a rival who could be as insidious and unpredictable. With a real person. And although the first game where two individuals (that is, multi-player) could participate at once is considered to be Tennis for Two, released in the distant 1958, the first network was Snipes (1983), where each player could already be behind his personal computer . However, the most widespread virtual battle was taught through a battle called Doom. It was the brainchild of John Carmack and his company id Software that showed the whole world what a network war means. After that, many different computer games of similar genres began to come out with the possibility of a multiplayer bout.

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With the release of the Internet in the broad masses, the above modes in games have undergone slight changes. This means that now you can play online for free without registering directly on the global network. So, people from different parts of the world can take part in such a session.

At first, computer games were still designed for the usual multiplayer passage or a fight over the local network. And today there are a lot of similar developments.


Every fan of virtual worlds in one way or another got acquainted with such sessions, where against him (or just in one team) is the same insidious, cunning and ruthless monster, as he is a man. And after such an acquaintance, the opinion about the game changed radically. Consequently, the question is often raised today: "What to play online?" Because when you are not against a set of zeros and units that somehow have algorithms of logic, but a real individual who is inclined to think as unpredictably, it becomes clear that this is a completely different approach. And many after that prefer the virtual world to the usual.

This question is very strange, as if today there is nothing to play online. The number of multi-user network entertainment on the Internet can not even be exactly named now. Easier to list by genre: shooters from the first / third person, strategy, including in real time, racing and arcade autosimulators, multi-player role-playing (MMORPG), card, arcade multiplayer simulators ... In general, there are plenty to choose from. Thanks to this, the question of what to play online in itself falls away.


However, knowledgeable gamers will immediately divide all these entertainments into two large categories: paid and free. After all, many people want to play online today for free and even without registration. Like, he started and drove. However, there are a lot of subtleties that you need to know. Let's start with the toll. For example, using a paid version of the genre MMORPG, we have access to all the possibilities of the game. For example, a good ammunition for the character or access to new territories. Or just everything works as it should. And if you run a pirate client of the same game, it's far from the fact that everything will function there as if it were paid. Alternatively, developers can not properly configure a new dungeon so that characters can get into it. Therefore, many prefer to play on official paid servers. The contribution in such games is monthly and not very high - about $ 10. Someone is sorry to spread this amount, but some do not. It's a matter of taste: spend money on a couple of bottles of your favorite drink or keep them to yourself for entertainment. However, there are games of the same genre, but working on a different principle. People can register on official servers, but completely free. At the same time, they remain deprived of many delights, for which they already have to pay the very 10 dollars a month. For example, more rare ammunition or access to closed treasures. If you are a shooter with a similar method of payment or plan to play online tanks, then for money you can get a cool weapon or a strong technique. Or you can apply what is available in the free version. Again, it's a matter of taste.

There are also such online games, for which you pay only once - when you buy. Usually it's branded shooters, racing simulators or strategies, where the number of users in one session does not exceed a certain limit. For shooters, this is usually a maximum of 64 people (basically usually no more than 32); For strategies - 4-8; For races - 10; For role-playing games - 5-10. Here you already have access to all the possibilities of the game at once or as you participate (for example, the experience in the network variety can be spent on buying steep equipment).

Today, computer entertainment designed for a permanent Internet connection, so much that people usually ask the question: "What to play online?" However, it is already worthwhile to rely on your own tastes and preferences. Do you like to shoot a shotgun and make a colander out of the enemy? Then you will like Counter Strike, Warface, Payday 2 or Left 4 Dead. Do you like the smell of hot rubber, the noise of engines and the roar of motors? For you, Need For Speed, Burnout or Colin Mcrae Dirt is crying. Do you like to have an entire army under your command, see the battlefield from above, calculate and plan the tactics of the battle? Welcome to Warcraft, Command and Conquer, Starcraft. Do you dream of becoming a strong and powerful hero, have the rarest armor and the legendary weapon? Feel free to purchase Diablo, World of Warcraft or Star Wars - The Old Republic. Would you like to go on a tank during the next match or blow up an enemy with a detachment on board, and then march through the victorious base? Pay attention to Battlefield 4, Enemy Territory, Unreal Tournament 3. Games are many - choose and play!

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