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Dishes for children's birthday: colorful, funny, beautiful, great!

Any hostess almost daily asks the question: "What should I cook today?" The problem of fancy in cooking becomes especially acute, if a day of preparation is a holiday! But if it's also a children's birthday, then here are some problems. After all, preparing a festive table for a child is not so simple, because the dishes for a child's birthday should not only be tasty. They will necessarily be useful, healthy and festively decorated!

Today I propose to make a culinary script for the children's birthday at home. Naturally, any children's holiday, especially birthday, can not do without a cake! Perhaps, for today's time from the next dish on the festive table the cake has turned into a real gift for the celebration. And really, look at these masterpieces of art!

Fruit salad must also complement the dishes for children's day Birthday! And if for yourself you can easily cut a few apples, mix everything
This is with kiwi or something else and just fill with yogurt, then this is not the case! Get a little imagination! Salad should look unusual and beautiful! For example, lay out portions in a half-dozen from orange or pineapple, by the way, watermelon can also become a huge colorful vessel!

Fruit salad and cake are indispensable dishes for the children's birthday, which you are going to hold.

But the rest of the menu is a flight of fantasy!

Almost every child simply adores "fast food", and every parent knows that this is insanely harmful. But this does not mean at all that it's worth denying the baby! Prepare a pizza or a hamburger you can and at home, using only the useful and quality components of the future dishes.

For example, replace the usual sausage or ham with boiled chicken breast, mayonnaise is also cookable at home, and homemade tomato paste is not worse than dilute ketchup! Colorful design and ... voila ...

Ideas, as well as dishes for children's birthday, can be very diverse and depend on various factors: from the preferences of your child to the time of the year on which the celebration falls.

For example, winter. Many believe that a winter birthday significantly limits the opportunities for its celebration due to the negative air temperature and the lack of opportunities to go out into the wild. But this is far from a reliable statement. Why not hold a holiday in the style of the New Year's "Prostokvashino"? After all, you will agree that there is nothing more beautiful than eating and resting in the fresh frosty air by the fire, shish kebab from meat and vegetables, playing snowballs, etc. It is not necessary to decorate the Christmas tree with New Year's toys, there are other interesting ideas. Try, for example, to hide the long-awaited children's gifts in the snowdrifts and play "Cossacks - robbers", painting the snow with a usual solution of watercolors! Pour a small ice rink from my grandmother in the village also will not be difficult for any dad! In general, everything depends on imagination and desire! Interesting ideas for a child's birthday will always find a response from your child.

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