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Boggart is fiction or reality?

If you believe in all sorts of devilry, then you probably will be interested in learning about another representative of this category. It's called the boggart. This creature is practically no different from other representatives of the dark world, except that its appearance and tricks. We'll talk about this in our article.

origin of name

"Boggart" is a name that was born in medieval European mythology. To date, this creature is increasingly referred to in English beliefs. It is in the British lower mythology that the boggart is indicated as a house or fairy (a word meaning a creature similar to a brownie).

This terrible representative of evil spirits and to this day in England is the main hero of various horror stories for kids. Dissatisfied parents regularly frighten the boggart of restless and disobedient children.

The exterior of the boggart

English mythology describes this creature in the form of a small lame little man. He has a bald head on his head, and his face is completely wrinkled. Also, this representative of the dark world is distinguished by his luminous eyes in the dark and his yellow teeth.

How else can a boggart look like? This creature was also described in detail in the work of the famous author Joan K. Rowling "Harry Potter". Here the writer speaks of him as a ghost that is able to feed on the fears of people and turn into what is most afraid of the person chosen by him.

The boggart lives, as a rule, in dark places. This can be cabinets, boxes, boxes, etc. While this creature is in a closed and dark place, it does not understand its own purpose. But as soon as the boggart is released, he immediately takes up the matter.

Defeat the boggart in the treatment of Rowling is not so simple. The main thing when you see him, do not be afraid, but better and do not laugh at all. Also this creature is powerless against a large number of people. It simply does not know whose fear to choose. The most effective weapon against the boggart is the "rediculus" spell. It must be pronounced with a smile on your face. After the coveted word "rediculus" is told, it is necessary to present the boggart in some ridiculous form. After this, the ghost disappears.

How does the boggart behave?

This creature, as indicated in English mythology, is friendly enough. It respects the people in whose house it lives. But if the owners offended the boggart, he immediately proceeds to the dirty tricks. In this case, he can simply innocently mischief, moving dishes and objects, or to create the unthinkable - to untie a dog, livestock, steal food, smash valuable items.

The main innocent joke, which is famous for the boggart, are his night touch or the pulling of a blanket.

This, as a rule, induces an inexplicable horror of people. Waking up in complete perplexity, many people are trying to find the answer to the question: "What was that?" It is this fear that delivers unearthly pleasure to the boggart.

It is also known that if you strongly irritate this creature, it can keep entire settlements at bay. Getting rid of him is not so easy. Even moving to a new house will not help. As a rule, the boggart "travels" with the owners and continues to pester them with their antics.

How can you anger the boggart?

It's quite easy to anger a creature, it's enough to let a couple of unflattering expressions in his direction or break a plate in a fit of anger. As a rule, the Boggart feels the attitude of the hosts to his person and immediately begins to take revenge. The anger of this dark creature will never abate, in the course of time this feeling will only increase. The owners only have to endure and wait until the Boggart finds other objects for bullying.

This creature does not like the neighborhood of other boggarts, which is why it prefers to have fun alone.

How to get rid of an angry boggart?

Like other mysterious creatures, the boggart is distinguished by its annoyance. Seeing that the owners are suffering from his endless tricks, he continues to misbehave even more, turning his innocent pranks into more serious deeds.

In one of the old stories it was said that this creature was seriously angered and let the wooden cork into the forehead of a small child. After that, the owners decided to leave the house urgently and move to another abode. But the boggart followed them, feeling even more hatred for the masters.

Furious with the brownie, it is already impossible to earn his trust and respect. How to act in this situation? If the boggart constantly harasses his tricks, only a priest or an exorcist who has already dealt with the expulsion of evil spirits can help.

A priest must necessarily know prayers and spells, be able to conduct appropriate rituals that can drive the boggart forever.

Is there any real house, nobody knows. These representatives of the dark side prefer not to show themselves to people. It remains to be content with myths and legends.

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