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Benefits for the disabled 2 groups: useful information

A person with limited physical capabilities is entitled to various social support from the state. To obtain the second group of disability, a medical examination is required, which can be taken to the Bureau of Medical Examination. After establishing the presence of a persistent disease, the consequences of injuries, which resulted in restriction of movement, disregard for orientation and control in behavior, disability and its number are assigned. Benefits for the disabled 2 groups have a legal Force for the duration of the disability and until the next survey.

List of benefits for the disabled second group.

This type of disability allows you to have a partial work capacity and some relief for tax breaks to the disabled group 2.

For this group, benefits cover virtually all areas of life.

Medicine. AT Benefits for the disabled group 2 includes:
- Getting free medicines needed to treat the current disease or to keep the body in a satisfactory condition.

- The state pays special attention to the rehabilitation of the abilities of such citizens. This is an opportunity to receive treatment in the sanatorium and health resorts and various rehabilitation activities.

Social sphere. Persons with disabilities living alone have the right to receive medical, legal and social assistance. The complex of such services includes care for sick social workers and medical staff. And also food, walks and recreation.

Payments and taxes.

- Benefits for the disabled 2 groups include partial exemption from income tax. And also when paying land, transportation and property taxes.

- Citizens who do not have work experience, in any case will receive a social pension. In addition, in some regions there are regional surcharges to the state pension benefit.

- Monthly disability pension is paid, the amount of which does not depend on the number of years worked up to injury or injury.

- Since 2005, a certain type of benefits has been replaced by a monthly cash payment, according to the current normative act.

- The second group is entitled to a 50% discount in payment for housing and communal services.

- Free use of public transport. And for nonresident residents, benefits are added when traveling by suburban and intercity transport to the place of receiving the treatment and back.

Education and employment. Benefits for the disabled 2 groups include free education. For admission to the university it is enough to file a package of documents with the admission committee with a copy of the invalid's certificate and, thus, it is possible to enroll in the chosen specialty outside the competition.

Further, after receiving the profession, there are certain benefits for disabled people of the 2nd group for employment. Working citizens are entitled to a short working day with a fixed salary and a 30-day annual leave.

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