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Karelin Pavel: biography and personal life

Jumper from a springboard Karelin Pavel was the pride of not only his native Nizhny Novgorod, but the whole country. Rushing into the world of professional sports, he became a worthy competitor to the strongest skiers of the planet. Career Karelin was on takeoff, he held high places in international competitions and was not going to stop there. But the car crash that happened in the fall of 2011, put an end to the fate of the famous jumper.

Family of the skier

Sportsman Pavel Karelin was born on April 27, 1990 in Gorky (at that time Nizhny Novgorod was called). Fate did not indulge the boy from early childhood. When Paul was one year old, his father Vladimir died in a car accident. A few years after the tragedy, the boy's mother Svetlana was deprived of parental rights. Little Pavel remained in the care of his grandmother Maria Viktorovna. It was she who led the grandson to the local children's and youth sports school, which determined his future destiny.

Becoming an athlete

Karelin Pavel first climbed to the springboard for ski jumping out of simple childish curiosity. He was then 9 years old. The height and speed so fascinated the young athlete, that from that time he became inseparable from the springboard. Grandmother strongly supported the desire of the grandson to become a professional athlete and rejoice at his every victory. Since childhood, Pavel has been particularly persistent and showed high results. His talent did not go unnoticed by specialists. In 2003, the skier was included in the junior, and in 2007 - the adult national team for jumping from a springboard.

Not the least role in the development of Karelin as an athlete was played by his mother's husband Maxim, who devoted his entire life to speed skating. But that year, when the guy was enrolled in the adult Russian national team, his stepfather died at the hands of the bandits. Young skier Pavel Karelin had a hard time losing, and only the support of his grandmother and coaches helped him to withstand difficulties and stay in great sport.

Sports achivments

Since November 2007, the 17-year-old Karelin has started to take part in the World Cup ski jumping season from a springboard. Early next year he managed to become the 9th at one of the stages of this competition. A place in the top ten skiers of the world made the athlete the leader of the national jumping team. Pavel Karelin did not stop at this achievement. Photos of the athlete, who takes prizes in international competitions, increasingly began to appear in the world media. In 2008 and 2010, he entered the top ten skiers in the world championships among juniors. Participation in February 2009 at one stage of the World Cup brought Pavel the 2nd place in team competitions. At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the Russian team of skiers, which included Pavel, became the 10th. In the personal championship he managed to take 33rd place here.

The beginning of 2011 became promising for a young athlete. In the prestigious competition "Tour of the four springboards" Karelin Pavel successfully performed, taking 2nd place after the world champion Simon Amman. At the World Cup 2010-2011 in the overall standings the Nizhny Novgorod skier became the 23rd. At the summer international competitions he managed to win the 2nd place, then he became the sixth again twice. After such results, Karelin was viewed as the main contender for the medal at the forthcoming Sochi Olympics.

Success in the sport of Paul was due to his champion's character: the guy did not stop before the difficulties and was ready to train without rest. He jumped with incredible calm, never losing his self-control. He was drawn to the springboard like a magnet, and coach Alexander Svyatov had to stop the guy several times to rest. At home, Pavel rarely visited: he constantly disappeared in training and competitions abroad. But when I came to my native city, first of all I visited my grandmother Maria Viktorovna and the coach, who became for him practically a member of the family.

Paul's Chosen One

There was another person in Nizhny Novgorod, who was eagerly awaiting the return of the athlete from the competition. This is a girl named Pavel Karelin named Nadezhda. The young people met for a long time and wanted to get married. Their wedding they planned to play in 2012. Nadia was sympathetic to the constant absence of a loved one and always worried about him, watching on TV his performances in the championships.

Disagreements with the Federation of jumps

It is not known how the future sports career of the skier could have developed. Karelin Pavel was a devoted pupil of his mentor Alexander Svyatov. When in the beginning of autumn of 2011 the latter was unexpectedly removed from the post of coach of the national team of Russia in ski jumping, the young athlete fell into despair. He refused a new mentor and continued to prepare for the competitions under the personal leadership of Svyatova, for which he was suspended from appearances in the Russian national team. Paul's willful behavior did not please the representatives of the Federation Council jumping. On October 26, 2011, they appointed a meeting at which Karelin's fate in the national team was to be decided. But before him Paul did not live: for 2 and a half weeks before the scheduled date, he crashed in a car.

Accident Details

October 9, 2011 in the media there was a tragic news that Pavel Karelin was killed. The accident that broke his life occurred early in the morning on the route leading from Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan. On a fateful coincidence, it was on this very road that the father of a skier died twenty years earlier. Pavel was behind the wheel of an old Mercedes. In addition to him in the car there were 2 more people: his friend and the elder brother of the bride. The guys rushed to the cottage. Suddenly, the car broke the wheel, it flew at full speed to the oncoming lane and crashed into a multi-ton truck. The airbag in the Mercedes did not work, and Karelin Pavel died on the spot. His passengers with injuries of varying severity were taken to the hospital. They both managed to survive.

The cause of the car crash

The death of a young athlete was a shock to the country. Karelin was Russia's most powerful skier and was the most likely candidate for gold at the Sochi Olympics. Fans of sports began to be interested, for what reason Pavel Karelin was lost. The accident, as it turned out later, was due to alcohol. Experts found that the blood of the skier contained 1.5 ppm of ethanol, which is comparable to a single bottle of vodka. Friends of Paul were also drunk. After Karelin's death, an interview with his mentors appeared in the media, in which they told that their pupil had never abused alcohol and did not drive drunk. Why on the eve of the death of a young man pretty drunk, it is unknown. Friends suggest that to look into the bottle Karelin became after the emergence of disagreements with the leadership of the Federation of jumps. He could not calmly relive his suspension from appearances in the team, because in sport was his whole life.

After death, the grandmother left the skier. Maria Viktorovna had a hard time surviving the tragic death of her grandson, for the first time doctors and a girl of Pavel Karelin did not leave her. It was not easy to survive the sudden demise of the pupil and coach Alexander Svyatov. A few years before the incident, he underwent an operation to bypass the heart, and now he had a need to go back to the hospital.


After the death of Karelin in Nizhny Novgorod, a charitable foundation was created in his name. Founded by Paul's grandmother. Her friends supported the athlete. They consider the creation of such an organization an excellent idea, because thanks to it, Nizhny Novgorod citizens will remember who Pavel Karelin is. The photos of the jumper became the basis for the fund calendars. His tasks, according to Maria Viktorovna, are the popularization of jumps from the springboard among the youth, the holding of competitions in memory of Karelin and the support of young athletes. The idea immediately found support in society. The local Federation of Jumping agreed to finance the creation of the organization.

Pavel Karelin was forever remembered in Nizhny Novgorod. The biography of this athlete, despite his short life, is very bright. A talented skier was destined to live only 21 years. For this brief time he managed to become famous on the whole planet, declaring himself as a promising jumper from a springboard. He dreamed of a gold medal in Sochi, about the first places at the World Cup, about family happiness. Paul was very fond of his grandmother and was incredibly devoted to his coach. He possessed the qualities of a real man and will forever remain so in the memory of those who knew him.

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