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American surnames of girls: options and meanings

The surname is inherited by people of the same genus from generation to generation. Originally they were only people rich and noble. After the abolition of serfdom, they were given to former serf peasants. Most often they were composed by the name of the former owner. That is why there are namesake who have absolutely no kinship.

How were the names formed?

They could be formed on behalf of the father (for example, Ivanov, Petrov, Ilyin). Could point to the profession of man (Kuznetsov, Goncharov). Some characterize a person externally - Krasavin, Bezborodov - or describe his internal qualities (for example, Bogomolov, Dobrov, etc.). However, guessing the meaning of the surname is not always correct. There is a special science - onomastics, which tries to understand the secret of proper names.

We get our full name from our father and can not choose him. However, after majority, each person is free to take a pseudonym. Some take French, Spanish, American surnames. Girls, as a rule, care about this issue more, especially if the father's surname is not sound.

American surnames of girls: in what their feature?

As is known from history, the main inhabitants of America are immigrants from Europe, Africa and other countries. The difference is only in the time of their resettlement. Most of them saved their last names when they moved. But later they changed, adapting to the English language. Some were cut, others changed some sounds. Indians and Africans surnames were given a nickname.

As a result, the American surnames of girls and men do not differ in any way. Initially, the differences were, for example, if an American was a Bulgarian. However, some of them simply have a specifically feminine sound.

The most popular American names for girls and surnames

To date, the most popular are the following American surnames: Smith, Williams, Miller, Taylor, Brown, Davis. For example, such names as Moore, Thomas, Walker, Houston, Bellows, Stone, etc. are much less common.

What sways names, then here the space is also very wide. Most American female names are in tune with ours, but they are pronounced differently. For example, Helen, Catherine, Joan, Hannah, etc. There are less familiar to the Russian ear Betty, Carolyn, Judy, Goldie, Amelie. Popular names of American stars, for example Riana, Jennifer, Charlize, etc., are popular .

The meanings of some American names and names of girls

American surnames of girls, as noted above, have different origins. Let's try to determine the meaning of some of them.

Most of the surnames that came to America from England are completely consonant with names. For example, Henry, Owen, Thomas. Very beautiful sounding surnames with prefixes Mc (poppy) and O '(o). They both designate kinship by father, for example, McMillan is the son of Milan, or O'Brien is the son of Bryan. The prefix "poppy" came from Scotland, and "O" from Ireland.

Some of the names are derived from the names of the area. For example: English, Irish, Wales, Welsh, etc. On them it is easy to determine where a person comes from. Some designate a profession or position (Parker, Forester, Foster, Sheriff, Burgess). Most often they were formed from nicknames. It could be any public office, agricultural profession, hobby, craft, etc.

As well as Russian surnames, some American ones were formed from the characteristics of a person. Maybe in the future the connection between the character and the name of the person was lost. In addition, sometimes the name calls directly the opposite quality: for example, Strakhov - for a beautiful person. This group includes the following surnames: Bigg, Strong, Low, Little.

It should be noted that a large group consists of beautiful American surnames for girls, who came from Spain, Germany, Greece, etc. However, most of them changed over time and acquired the English sound.

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