Thousand trifles that need to be considered, or How to build a beautiful house

Each of us dreams of own cottage. Small or large, with a ground floor, a garage, a guest house, a bathhouse or without them, with a garden or a fruit garden. Bringing it in your imagination, few people think about how to build a beautiful house in reality. Meanwhile, there are many subtleties that you just need to take into account before the first stone is laid.

The first thing to think about is design. Many people mistakenly believe that you can do without it. However, in fact, it is here that the problems begin, additional costs appear that were not taken into account earlier. Questions about how to build a house of bricks and how to calculate the required amount of material, it is worth starting with thinking through the functions of the building.

How many floors do you want? So, a single-storey building will cost you more because of the greater area of foundation pouring. The two-story structure assumes the placement of all necessary on two levels, and the base takes up less space on the land. At the same time, the ground floor will cost as another house, because you have to fill a lot of cement.

How many rooms do you have? Do I need a separate guest bedroom? If you often come to friends and relatives with an overnight stay, then you can not do without it. And maybe, in this capacity, the living room can perform as well? Do you need an office? Does your profession work at home, a lot of papers and folders? Some make them too big. The optimal size is eight square meters.

Little to know how to build a beautiful house, you still need to make it cozy and warm. It is important to determine the location of the building on the site, to think over the heating system. Will you need a separate room for the boiler room or is the wall gas boiler quite suitable? It is compact enough, it copes well with heating and hot water supply.

If you are thinking of building a house from a log or some other material, then do not rush to choose. Consult with experts, weigh all the pros and cons, find out all the pros and cons of your decision. The tree is prone to rot and other negative influences of the environment. In addition, you need to understand the materials so as not to fall for the bait of unscrupulous sellers.

To approach the decision of a question on how to construct a beautiful house, it is necessary with mind and cold calculation. So, it is important to determine who will be engaged in erection: the company or the hired brigade. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The former often inflate prices and try to maximize the customer's money. As works of the second one, one can not always be 100% sure.

The subtleties of how to build a beautiful house, very much. It is difficult to list them in one article. Ultimately, all the answers to their questions a person receives only when the new dwelling has already been erected. Well, if there are people in your circle of friends, friends or relatives who have already gone through all this. And if not? You can use the advice of a professional arihitector. Fortunately, today you can find independent experts.

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