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The rule is "72 hours". Description and scope of application

Practically every person has desires, ideas, plans for the future. It all lives in our heads for months and even years. However, only a small percentage of people embody absolutely all their plans into reality. Fear of the new can be grasped by the most insistent of us. The causes of this fear should be sought in the minds of people. All problems come from the subconscious. At its core, an ordinary person is inclined to postpone important tasks for an indefinite moment in the future. This in no case can not be done, because in this way the desire loses its sharpness, and the person has lost interest. Scientists have developed a specific psychological method that allows you to translate your dreams and desires into reality for a certain time. It is about him that will be discussed in the article further.

The essence of the rule is 72 hours

The main problem of human thinking is that we generate an idea, but we do not strive to realize it. In other words: a person, maybe, wants to do something, he has an internal plan for realizing his idea, but there is no determination. Many people know how to change their lives, but not everyone can really do it. The presence of talent, courage, business acumen or other positive qualities does not affect the speed or quality of realization of the idea. Then the question arises: what is the most effective way to implement what was conceived? There is a specific rule of "72 hours". Its essence is to realize by any means your idea within 72 hours from the moment of its appearance. According to researches of scientists, a person within 72 hours has 99% chance of success and only 1% remains to failure. Thus, it is necessary to take the most conscious decision and start acting safely.

History of the rule

For the first time, Boro Schaefer, a German business consultant, declared the 72-hour rule.

Initially, this psychological method was used exclusively in the sphere of finance. Schaefer argued that within 72 hours any planned financial operations should be tried to implement, because at this time the greatest chance of success. Later the rule of 72 hours migrated to other branches of business life. It should be noted that during the allotted period it is not necessary to implement the entire idea completely. The main thing is to make at least a small step on your way to your dream.

Rule "72 hours" - the process of action

When a person makes an internal transition from thoughts to their practical realization, his further actions will be programmed on a subconscious level to succeed. As mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to implement the whole idea at once, it is enough to take a small step. Many marketers and psychologists are advised to write down ideas on paper, as well as conduct their detailed analysis immediately after the occurrence. During data processing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The essence of the goal (idea).
  • The implementation period (full, without taking into account the first 72 hours).
  • The main sources that can assist in the implementation process.
  • Obstacles.
  • Any alternative ways of implementation.

Even at the earliest stage of the development of the project, the "72 hours" rule will be of great help, since a person begins to realize his idea and acts consciously.

What obstacles can arise?

As you realize your idea, you need to prepare for the fact that the brain will reject such a violent activity. As a result, hasty conclusions and negative thoughts about the subject of reflection will appear. Lack of funds, short terms, lack of experience - these are standard superficial judgments that do not make it possible to realize their idea or dream. They need to be overcome simply by mobilizing all will power. It is best in this situation to formulate the reasons that will explain why the idea will succeed in the future. Another important obstacle is the fear of making a mistake. It should be remembered that the lost battle does not lead to defeat in the war. Small overlays in the course of work are completely permissible. With their help, a person develops the necessary experience. The idea of Schaefer was originally built on the fact that man learned to overcome his fears by building strict time frames. That's how the rule "72 hours" works. Its action is aimed at overcoming the internal fear of the new.

The use of the rule in matters of the heart

The rule "72 hours" is applicable in almost all life situations. But it has proved to be the best way in the relations between men and women. Psychologists are advised to take the first steps from the moment when the very idea of a closer acquaintance arose, within 72 hours. If we postpone active activities, then perhaps one person will never know of the fervent feelings that the other feels to him. So, if you decide to invite someone to a movie or coffee to explain - do it within 72 hours. The result will be guaranteed to be successful. The rule "72 hours" in the relationship has a high level of efficiency.

So, we thoroughly understood the essence of how the "72 hours" rule works, and also studied its main advantages from the point of view of the human psyche and the real external environment.

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