Sealant for car headlights - which is better?

Sooner or later, each car owner will face the need to repair the lights. Often it is made with the removal of glass, because on the other hand to the scatterer can not get. But whatever works are done, to achieve the integrity of the unit, a sealant for the headlights of the car is mandatory. Its application, types and features are described later in this article.


What is this remedy? Sealant for car headlights is a substance on an oligomeric or polymer basis, containing fillers and hardeners. Purpose - seal and seal joints, joints.
As a result of using the composition, the seam is maximally sealed. Sealant for car headlights - simultaneously sealing and gluing composition. It can be both pasty and liquid, in tubes, rolls or in an aerosol. But first things first.

Where is it applied?

The repair of the headlamp and the replacement of glass are not the only measure that uses a sealant for the headlights of a car. So, often this composition is used when tuning the head unit. This can be the installation of a lens element, bixenone and other changes in optics. But anyway, in the case of analyzing the headlight, you need to ensure that it is as tight as possible, otherwise it will constantly sweat. At the edges of the unit, water condensation forms. Over time, it will corrode the scatterer. The quality of the lighting on the foggy headlight is much worse. And if it is also plastic, it will mutdet from the inside so that no polishing will save it.


Sealant for car headlights can be of different types:

  • Pasty. Such compounds are sold in banks. Before use, they should be carefully diluted with the special substance that is included in the kit.
  • Liquid. It is more popular sealant for car headlights. Abro is a company that also produces it. The agent is a one-component mixture and is used immediately after opening, without preparation and mixing.

Also distinguish between silicone and heat-resistant sealants. We consider each species separately.

Silicone sealant for car headlights

"Toyota" uses exactly such means for its cars. Silicone allows you to form an adhesive and elastic gasket in place of the one that was earlier. The composition is universal. So, silicone sealants can be used not only for headlights, but also for sealing seams on hatches and other connections. The product is based on silicon. It is an organic kind of rubber that mixes with vulcanizing components. So, the mixture is highly elastic and is used even in the most complex designs. After solidification forms a dense rubber layer. Can seal cracks up to six millimeters.

Regarding temperature conditions, the silicone sealant does not lose its properties at a temperature of +250 degrees Celsius. This is very important, since the headlight (especially with halogen bulbs) is heated to very high temperatures. The lack of silicone sealant - a small resistance to gasoline and antifreeze. Because of this, it is not suitable for repairing engine parts, radiators and other car components.


These are more expensive sealants. Designed for operation in conditions up to +380 degrees Celsius. Often sold in the form of two-component mixtures. The only drawback is a long time of hardening. Finally, the composition will be strengthened only a day after application. Below we will consider the popular manufacturers of sealants.


The most popular is the sealant for car headlights Abro WS-904. This company is located in the United States. However, there are a lot of importers and representative offices in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. How does the sealant for the Abro headlights look like? There is a photo of the product in our article. Model 904 is an adhesive tape that is rolled into a roll.

The sealant is made of polyisobutylene with the addition of vulcanizing components. One package is enough to repair two middle-sized headlights. Reviews about the products of "Abro" are positive. However, there is a risk of running into a fake, because this manufacturer is very famous.

Dow Corning

Sealant from this manufacturer model 7091 is made on the basis of silicone. Can be used for gluing both plastic and glass. Has an elastic and durable composition. The reviews say that Dow Corning's products are highly adhesive to the surface. Can be used for fixing inductive coils, electronics blocks and LEDs.


It is a universal sealant from an American company. The composition is sufficiently resistant to temperature changes. The sealant does not change its properties at temperatures from -60 to +250 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to chemicals and petroleum products (including gasoline). Can be used as a liquid gasket. The time of full hardening is 15-20 minutes. Reviews of this sealant are generally positive. However, some motorists say that over time the composition begins to crystallize and form a sediment, which is unacceptable for a car headlight.

Emfimastic PB

It is a product on a polyurethane basis. It does not emit toxic fumes during use. One package is enough for a seam up to six meters. Can be sold in the form of cylinders or "sausages". Country of origin - France.
The company also produces sealants series 74110f. A distinctive feature of the composition is the possibility of joining glass and aluminum surfaces. The composition is characterized by high strength and durability.

Instructions for use

How to apply this product? After repair or tuning the headlights, you must carefully remove the old sealant from it. It is necessary to exclude even the smallest particles of the former composition. Otherwise, fogging the headlights will be inevitable. To facilitate the process, experts recommend heating the sealant with a construction hair dryer. If the old compound is difficult to remove, you can pick it up with a thin clerical knife. It is important not to damage the interior of the headlamp, including the diffuser. Then thoroughly degrease the surface. Now you can start applying new composition.
Apply a uniform, not too thick layer. Depending on the type of sealant chosen, you should wait until the composition with the new glass completely withers. This will take from 15 minutes to 24 hours. After this, you can safely install the optics in place and start full-fledged operation.


So, we found out what the sealant for car headlights is. The quality of the seam applied by you and the further impermeability directly depend on how the surface was prepared. Often, when the glass attached to the cheapest product, did not sweat even on rainy days. Therefore, before installing, carefully check whether there are omissions. If any, the sealant is applied over the main connection site.

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