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Folding bicycles Dahon: reviews, prices

If you like to ride a bicycle, then you probably know the situation when part of the route must be overcome by its own course, and some - using public transport. But the carriage of a two-wheeled "friend" in a train and an electric train is somewhat difficult, and in a bus or subway it is completely impossible. Or, maybe you wanted to throw it in the trunk of the car, but the dimensions did not allow it?

There is good news: Dahon bikes will relieve you of these inconveniences. What are they so remarkable about?

Folding bicycles Dahon have appeared with the special purpose: to convince more people to use ecologically safe kind of transport in a daily life. Indeed, in the age of global warming, concern for the preservation of the environment concerns everyone. In addition, the creators wanted to help people keep themselves in shape and move more. To implement these difficult goals, manufacturers focused their efforts and created innovative but affordable folding Dahon bikes.

Inventor and his brainchild

The company was founded in 1982. Before that, Dr. David Khon, a native of Hong Kong and one of the leading experts at Hughes Aircraft (a major US aircraft company), worked in his garage for seven years to create his perfect bike. He had to meet such requirements: just fold, quickly return to the initial state and provide a comfortable ride on it. It is noteworthy that the inventor began work after he was tired of removing the wheels from his two-wheeled friend every time he wanted to fit it into the trunk of the car.

Bold step

After several major campaigns ignored the proposals to launch production, Dr. Hon and his brother Henry decided to create their own company from scratch.

They raised venture capital, established a headquarters in Southern California, and David quit his job and went to Taiwan to build a plant. Two years later, in 1984, Dahon bikes literally snagged off the assembly line, they became the best-selling compact folding bicycles on the market at the time. Under the ongoing leadership of Dr. Hoon, factories and his team of 70 engineers continue to amaze the world with their technologies and innovations.

Where do the bikes of Dahon today and what are the models?

The company's headquarters are in the USA, in Los Angeles. The details are made at the company's main plant in Macao (China). Another factory, not far from Beijing, produces Dahon bicycles for the Chinese market, which is very promising for the company. Since 2012, all products destined for Europe are assembled at a factory in Bulgaria. And in general, bicycles are sold in more than 30 countries around the world

The brand range consists of 34 models. There are options with different types of gearshifts or without them at all. The most popular are bicycles with wheels with a diameter of 16 or 20 inches, but there are also instances where this figure is 12 to 29 inches. Frames can be aluminum or steel.

There are bicycles with an electric motor, which compactly fits on the trunk.

Transport that fits in a bag

In the production of most bicycles Dahon uses a hydroformed patented frame with one hinge. It, as well as many other tricky engineering tricks, make it possible to do an almost magic trick to turn a set of spare parts into a rather convenient, reliable transport.

The sequence of folding the bike is:

  • First, pull out the seat post to the desired height, tighten the eccentric to secure it.
  • Then open the lock, holding the frame in the folded form, spread it and close the lock connecting the two halves.
  • Turn the pedals to the working position.
  • Unbend the footboard to make it easier to collect the bike.
  • Pull the steering wheel and clamp the eccentric.
  • Turn the handles so that it is convenient to press the brakes.

Moving the bicycle to the folded state is the same, but in the reverse order.

Customer's opinion

Alas, but today not all promises of producers can be trusted. What do customers like, why do they like folding Dahon bikes?

The reviews mark the high quality of the assembly. Having received a bicycle from the transport company, you can check, in less than half an hour, whether all is reliably tightened, make sure that the brakes are working, pump up the wheels - and the transport will be fully ready for operation. When driving, there is no creaking or rattling.

Wheels of small diameter give the bike greater maneuverability, compared to the means for which the mentioned parts are standard, large. At first, it seems that the ride is uncomfortable, the steering wheel jerks, and, of course, there are speed limits. But to new sensations it is easy to adapt, and then the process becomes pleasant and comfortable.

Models with speed switches allow you to drive even on steep slides.

Convenient and compact

Another significant plus is that if you need to go into a building where there is no bicycle parking, or if the situation is unfavorable in the area, you can take your bike with you. Given the number of thefts of two-wheeled vehicles, this advantage can not be underestimated. In the bus it can be hidden under the seat. Owners of the bicycle argue that if the first time it folded-folding took several minutes, then, by clinging, it can easily be done in 15-20 seconds.

Also, buyers note that the vehicle can be easily adjusted for its growth.

Despite the seeming fragility, the bicycle can travel not only along asphalt tracks, but also on less comfortable covers. However, on sand and gravel you need to be careful: there small wheels can not cope with the coating.


As you know, there are no ideal things. What drawbacks can the Dahon bicycle hide? Reviews say that consumers often complain about the fact that this is not such an easy representative of two-wheelers. The most minimal weight is 9.1 kg (Dahon Jifo Uno), most popular models weigh between 11 and 16 kg, and the specimens with an electric motor are 22 kg (Dahon Ikon ED8 and Dahon Ciao EI7). Therefore, carrying them with you is sometimes difficult.

But the most important drawback - finding parts Dahon on sale is quite difficult. There are many specific nodes that can not be repaired and replaced. For example, if the steering pin fastener is broken, then the whole bike becomes unusable.

Also upsets the fragility of some models. When buying a problem it's impossible to notice, but the bike will require a major overhaul earlier than expected.

Occasionally there are complaints of customers to the quality control service, because the goods come with scratches that could not appear due to transportation, but already took place during packaging.

Popular Models

Dahon Vybe C7A is a folding bike that provides comfort and ride comfort. 20-inch wheels, brakes, precise and compact speed selector, which is only 7, - this model will become a reliable companion of the townspeople. The price for it varies from 19 to 24 thousand rubles.

Dahon Mariner D7 - one of the best-selling brands, the best-selling bike in the US. It is a foldable bike with increased corrosion resistance, suitable for use in high humidity conditions, which makes it an excellent choice for taking in a boat or simply riding in wet weather. 20-inch wheels, 7 speeds, trunk, light frame of aluminum - the proverb "from ship to ball" with "Mariner" takes on a new meaning. It will cost 30-35 thousand rubles.

If you need a simple and inexpensive option without gear changes, for short walks, then the Dahon Pop Uno bike is ideal for you. Steel frame, 16-inch wheels, 2 colors (white and black) - this is a good choice for those who do not want to go extra 2 km from the bus stop to their house.

Representatives of this model - perhaps, the cheapest bicycles Dahon. The price for them ranges from 9 to 15 thousand rubles.

As you can see, in the brand lineup there are models for every taste and purse.

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