Dodge Challenger - predatory oil mask from the past

Such a world-famous automobile monster, like Chrysler, who captured a huge segment of the world market and got the hearts of millions of fans, pleases with its creations for a long time. This concern can be safely called a pioneer in the field of creating maslkars, which in translation means "muscular machines".

This concept was developed in the USA in the 60s of the 20th century and showed the world the idea of creating high-speed devices with the best characteristics based on medium-sized cars. The only sign uniting almost all cars was a predatory and powerful engine of at least 300 hp. To such hot and daring cars are some models of Chrysler - Dodge Challenger and Dodge Chardzher, but exclusively with R and T engines. Further, the concern produced more models, but they were no longer classified as oilcups.

The forefather of Dodge Challenger was Silver Challenger, descended from the assembly line in 1959 in limited quantities. Then the model line of this brand was born. At that time, Silver was a two-door swallow, designed for four seats. And the car looked like a brilliant exotic bird.

Suspending the production of this series, Chrysler returned to its roots only after a long break of 11 years. The motive that prompted the management of the concern to turn to the past was the inability to compete with the predatory Chevrolet Camaro and the aggressive but very attractive Ford Mustang. The result was the grand appearance of the Dodge Challenger in 1970. An interesting fact is some similarity of this device with the masked Plymouth Barracuda. It was with this model was taken platform and some characteristics presented in the new offspring Chrysler. At that time, this model had a huge number of variations: in the sedan or cabriolet, Dodge Challenger had a three- and four-speed manual or automatic transmission, and six- and eight-cylinder engines were "played" with a volume starting at 3.2 liters, ending with 7.2 liters. Also, the first model of this handsome car had various components that abounded in a variety of newest for that time "bells and whistles": electric bags, sensors of unfastened belts and unclosed doors, etc.

This Dodge car, instantly popular, lost its greatness after the release of the second generation Challenger, which was a clone of Mitsubishi Galant Lambda. As a result, the production of this unit was stopped in 1983. And only in 2008 there was a miraculous return of the legendary car that made excellent competition to the fifth generation of Camaro and Mustang.

And it was an explosion in the car market. All Dodge fans, of course, appreciated the aggressive 6.1-liter gasoline engine, which worked in unison with a five - speed automatic gearbox. Hiding his predatory nature under the hood of a two-door, almost five-meter monster, surrounded by a powerful bumper in front, this aggressive device showed the world its true sporting origins, at the sources of which stood the first generation oil-boy.

The non-stop process of modernization and renovation of this model motivates a huge number of sports car enthusiasts to purchase it. Buy Dodge Challenger can be not only in the US, but also in the automotive markets around the world, because, according to ancient wisdom, the quality knows no boundaries.

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