Is it painful to pierce the navel?

Piercing - one of the ways to attract attention to your body with the help of foreign objects. This procedure involves puncturing any part of the body and wearing jewelry in this place. The most popular type of piercing, no doubt, remains puncture earlobes - earrings in the ears is the majority of the fair sex, as well as many men. But the second most popular is the navel piercing. This is the most sexual kind of puncture - in combination with a short top on a tanned tummy with a pumped up press , the belly button piercing looks very, very beautiful.

There are no special restrictions or prohibitions to pierce the navel, the price of this kind of piercing is also not too high, and they do this procedure in almost every beauty salon. The only thing that can stop the navel from piercing is moral prohibitions on the part of loved ones, to whom the very idea of piercing may seem unacceptable. In the rare case, it can be stopped only by fear of pain.

Is it painful to pierce the navel? If the case is dealt with by a professional, use thin medical needles, anesthesia and do everything quickly, then you will not feel any particular pain. The procedure itself is not much more painful than taking blood from a finger. But there are features of how to correctly pierce the navel. If you do not take them into account, piercing can be very unpleasant. Usually the upper part of the navel is pierced - there are not too many blood vessels in this place, and the skin is thin enough to easily pierce. But the lower part of the navel is much more sensitive, and when piercing it is risk to touch the vessel and make a small bleeding. In addition, the answer to the question "Is it painful to pierce the navel?" Depends on the structure of your abdomen and navel in particular. In some people this part of the body protrudes quite strongly above the surface of the abdomen, and even if the piercing itself is harmless, such a navel will heal for a long time, rub against clothing and thereby provoke inflammation.

Also, the full people can share a positive answer to the question "Is it painful to pierce the navel?" In their case, the healing process of the puncture is complicated by the fact that when sitting on the navel is between the folds of the skin, it accumulates a large number of sweat, pathogenic bacteria and microbes, which does not help healing the wound. Unpleasant sensations from the navel piercing can also disturb pregnant women - usually decorations in this place do not cause problems until 6 months of pregnancy. Then the skin on the abdomen begins to stretch, and the piercing can cause pain.

Therefore, if you belong to one of these categories of people and are currently thinking about whether to make a navel piercing, ask yourself the question: "Is it painful to pierce the navel to me personally?" Appreciate all your pros and cons of this procedure and only then decide to go to the salon. In any case, remember that piercing is a reversible process, which means that as soon as painful sensations arise, the earring can always be removed.

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