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Recipe for soup at the stake - secrets of Russian cuisine

Ear - this is a native Russian dish, and do not confuse it with fish soup. It would seem, what's the difference, because in both cases the basis is one - the broth on the fish? However, there is a difference, and, as experts say, very large. Firstly, any recipe for soup at the stake implies the use of certain types of fish. From gudgeon, bleak, ram, mackerel and gobies, for example, you can cook a rich soup, but not the ear. For this magic dish, pike perch, ruff, whitefish and perch will suit. To them you can add burbot, yazya or catfish, and you will get a wonderful so-called white ear.

The classic recipe for soup at the stake implies that you can cook four of its kind. In addition to the mentioned white, it is still a black, red and triple ear. Black needs crucian, asp, carp, rudd, chub or carp. Red, of course, is prepared on the basis of red fish - sturgeon, salmon, trout, stellate sturgeon. An obligatory element of red soup is saffron. The triple ear, respectively, is prepared from all three of these fish. In some cases, such a recipe for soup at the stake means cooking broth from one fish. Fillet of the other two species is used as the basis of the dish.

Ear at the stake: recipe

Photo of the ears already stimulates the appetite! It recalls the smell of fresh air and smoke, the sounds of the forest and the river, and it seems that whatever boils in the bowler, it just can not be tasteless. However, if you do not follow certain rules, even the most verified recipe of the ears at the stake may not justify the expectations.

Firstly, the dishes (bowler) must necessarily be of non-oxidizable material. Otherwise instead of soup, at best, you will get a delicious fish soup. Secondly, the fish for this dish should only be fresh. Naturally, in some cases, if it's not about fishing, the product will not just be caught. No problem. The main thing is that the fish does not give in to freezing and it was really fresh, the high of yesterday. The most delicious ear, of course, is the one that is prepared, so to speak, "without departing from the ticket office" - directly on the fishing trip. In this case, it is recommended for the broth to take that water in which the fish swam, waiting until you brew the ear from it.

The recipe for cooking fish soup at the stake implies the use of fish, vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions), herbs and spices. In this case, vegetables should be a minimum, but with spices you can dream up. No cereals in this dish can not be! If they are, it is no longer an ear, but a fish soup.

Now about the very process of preparation. In the kettle we bring to a boil two liters of water. After sipping it, we send to the pan large cut 3-4 potatoes, chopped two medium bulbs, parsley root cut into straws and rings - carrots. There we put the heads and tails of the fish. It will take us a half kilograms. After keeping these ingredients on low heat for about ten minutes, the broth should be filtered. Fish - throw, and vegetables need to be returned back. To send in a kettle of spices in the form of pepper, bay leaf and parsnip root. The dish should be boiled for about five minutes on a small fire. Then, giving heat, put the fish in the pot. They should be no less than five centimeters wide. After boiling, for another fifteen minutes you have to cook on a small fire with a (necessarily!) Open lid. And just adding greens (dill, parsley, tarragon) to the dish, the pot can be closed with a lid to allow the ear to brew for 10-15 minutes. Bon Appetit!

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