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Recipe for salad from squid

Squid is a type of seafood that is quite popular in cooking. They are used to prepare different dishes in fried, stewed, canned. Salads with squid have good taste qualities.

Before the squid goes to the salad, they need to be prepared for consumption. You need to know some cooking rules, otherwise the taste and quality of the product can be spoiled.

Frozen squid fillets are best defrosted in the air, in extreme cases in cold water. When thawing in hot water - seafood will become a pinkish hue, the taste will change too.

Then rinse the squid, peel off the skin, pull the insides. Now you can start cooking in boiling salted water. It is generally accepted that one kilogram of squid is enough two liters of water and 15-20 grams of salt. How much to cook squid for salad? No more than three to five minutes. In the case of longer processing, the meat becomes tough. After the end, take the squid out of the broth, cool it.

Squid can be cooked in the microwave. To do this, add the sliced calamaries in a special bowl, pour a small amount of hot water, put on for 2-3 minutes. Remove from the dishes, cool in cold water.

A recipe for salad from squid, potatoes and sauerkraut.

500 g of cooked and cooled squid (fillets) cut into strips. Peeled boiled 400 g of potatoes and 50 g of carrots, 50 g of pickled cucumbers cut into thin slices. Chop the green onion finely. Mix 100 grams of sauerkraut, finely chop. Combine all the vegetables, season with mayonnaise or sour cream. On a dish to lay out a hill, decorate with lettuce leaves , carrots, sprinkle with green onions.

A recipe for salad from squid with green onions and apples.

500 g squid fillets to prepare, cut into strips. 600 g of green onion finely chopped. Three or four apples cut into thin slices. All mix, season with 200 g of sour cream, sprinkle with parsley or dill.

A recipe for salad from squid with rice and eggs.

One glass of rice to boil, rinse, cool. 300 g squid fillets boil, cut into strips. Eggs - 4 pieces - cut into cubes. In a salad bowl, lay rice, squid, eggs, add canned corn, green onions. Season with creamy mayonnaise sauce.

Recipe for salad from squid with pineapple.

500 g squid fillets boil, cool, cut into strips. Canned pineapples (250 g) cut into cubes. Walnuts (100 g) grate. Mix mayonnaise with crushed garlic (1 clove). In a salad bowl put squid, pineapple, mix everything with garlic-mayonnaise mixture, sprinkle with walnuts.

Salad of squid with cheese.

Boiled squid (300 g), apple, fresh cucumber, cheese cut into cubes. Mix everything with sour cream and lemon dressing (100 g sour cream and a spoonful of lemon juice)

Salad of squid with mushrooms.

Boiled squid (500 g) cut into strips. In the oil fry the mushrooms (300 g). Eggs (2 pieces) and cheese (200 g) cut into cubes. All the ingredients are mixed, seasoned with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with a green onion.

Salad of squid with green onions and peas.

Also prepare and cut the strips of squid fillets (500 g), chop the green onions in strips of 2 cm, spread the green peas. Season with mayonnaise.

Salad from squid with cucumbers, tomatoes and croutons.

Prepare the fillet of squid, cut into strips. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes cut into slices. Fold a layer of squid, grease with mayonnaise, then a layer of cucumbers, top the croutons, grease with mayonnaise. The next layer of tomatoes, also lubricated with mayonnaise. Salad let a little soak, then serve.

Use of squid in the home menu will significantly improve your body, as their meat is easier to digest. In addition, these seafoods contain many amino acids, protein, vitamin B6, and also minerals - phosphorus, iodine, iron.

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