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Choose a recipe: homemade bread

Store bread is not always distinguished by its excellent taste and strong aroma. In addition, artificial additives and preservatives are sometimes used for it. Therefore, all who appreciate their own cooked meals, nothing remains, how to make homemade bread. Such baking will decorate any table and all dishes with it will make it a little tastier.

The first recipe: homemade bread with dill and olive oil

The loaf made by this method turns out to be incredible. You will need wheat flour - four glasses, warm water - a glass, a couple teaspoons of salt, twenty grams of sugar, a quarter of a package of fresh yeast, a bunch of fresh dill, twenty milliliters of olive oil. Dissolve sugar and salt with yeast in warm water. Sprinkle the flour and mix the dough. Slice dill into it, add olive oil and, if necessary, a little flour. Cover the dough with a napkin and put in heat for an hour and a half. Put a baking tray or baking sheet with oil, put the dough on top and grease it with olive oil. After forty minutes, put in the oven, heated to 160 degrees. Bake for about half an hour until you get an appetizing crust. Such bread of home baking is best served to the table fresh as soon as it cools. The combination of oil and dill will give it a refined taste.

The second recipe: homemade bread with paprika

To make such bread it will take three glasses of wheat flour and a glass of corn, a teaspoon of paprika, a glass of hot water, a couple of teaspoons of salt, twenty grams of sugar, twenty-five grams of fresh yeast and a tablespoon of olive oil. Salt, sugar and yeast should be poured with warm water and mixed. Add the paprika and a glass of each type of flour, stir and leave for a short while, then add the rest of the flour and knead the dough. Pour in the olive oil and leave the spoon in the heat for an hour. Put in a greased form and sprinkle with sesame seeds, leave for half an hour to raise the dough. Put in the oven, heated to one hundred and sixty degrees, bake for thirty minutes. Remove from the mold as soon as the bread cools, and serve to the table.

The third recipe: homemade bread on sour cream

Take three hundred and twenty milliliters of water, three tablespoons of sour cream, twenty-five grams of fresh yeast, two teaspoons of salt and a tablespoon of sugar, three and a half glasses of wheat flour. In warm water you need to dissolve yeast, sugar and salt, add sour cream and mix. Add the flour and knead the dough, leave it for an hour and a half in the heat. After this time, stir the spoon with your hands with vegetable oil and leave for half an hour in a baking dish. Bake for forty minutes at a temperature of one hundred and sixty degrees.

The fourth recipe: homemade bread with rosemary

You will need a glass of water, twenty-five grams of yeast, four glasses of flour, a tablespoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of rosemary. Dissolve the yeast in water with salt and sugar until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Add butter and sifted flour. Knead the dough and add the rosemary. Leave to rise for a couple of hours. Justify the uplifted gum, grease it with olive oil and transfer it to the mold. After half an hour, send it to the oven, heated to one hundred and seventy degrees, and bake for forty minutes.

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